#TennisForKids: One Year On – Advice and Tips

Last year we were fortunate enought to be involved in promoting the (then) brand new initiative from The Lawn Tennis Association, Tennis For Kids, which enabled 10,000 children around the United Kingdom to receive a course of six tennis sessions from qualified coaches free of charge. The programme was so popular that a further 5,000 places were created, in total this introduced 15,000 children between the ages of 5 and 8 to tennis, a sport that they may not have considered playing before. And at the end of the sessions, each child received a free tennis racket to keep.

The Lawn Tennis Association have contacted me again this year as they are running the fantastic and free campaign again this year. However, in 2017 they are offering up a whopping 20,000 spaces to children around Britain, giving them access to six free tennis sessions of quality coaching and a free racket!

TennisForKids 2017

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Plinky Plonk Progress

Twelve years ago my old headteacher decided to sell the infant school piano to the piano tuner for £100. I interjected and asked if I could buy it for the same price.

At the time, we had a shell of a sixty year old house. The only floor which had not been dug up due to a dodgy dampproof course was in the living room and the day when we would make that house our home seemed a long way off.

Yet sure enough, the following Saturday morning saw two men in a van transport the battered and coffee-ring stained mug that was a feature of my own childhood infant assemblies, to our 'new' rubble-strewn house. We protected it from the constant dust for six months, encasing its wooden, badly varnished carcass in many layers of plastic sheeting, cursing the hefty lump of wood and wondering why I'd had this bright idea when neither of us could play the piano.

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How To Give Your Family An Experience They Will Never Forget

When it comes to spending time with your family, you are going to want to make any time spent with them an experience that they will thoroughly enjoy, and one that will ultimately be memorable. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to take them to Disneyland in order to provide them with an experience that thy will never forget, but if you’re looking to make a huge effort to celebrate an occasion like a birthday, then there are a few different ways that you can do this.

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Having A 'Leftie' Child

Paper layout for left-handers

I've started working in my school's nursery this year, and I've been brought to reliving the fascinating life of a three year old. A little creature who isn't much out of the toddler stage, who is encountering everything in the world for the first time, yet within a year is going to have to start full-time education. Gosh sometimes, it feels very harsh on the poor little mites.

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How You Can Do Your Part At Reducing Energy Usage

It is not uncommon to walk into your local appliance store and see numerous pieces of equipment advertising low energy rates. Even the government has jumped on board offering rebates on purchases that are energy star rated. While everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon to reduce energy consumption, research shows that energy consumption has actually increased rather than decreased. If appliances are now using less energy, then why has our energy consumption increased? To understand the answer, you have to move out of the aisles with the larger appliances and move toward the small electronic gadgets to get a better grip on what the problem is.

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Hatchimals (Review)

The trend in toys seems to be cyclical; many toys which I had as a child I've seen come back again and again, just with a modern take on them each time. I was a little too old for the Furby when it was launched, although my 21 year old niece had one when she was young, and my 10 year old nephew has one now. They've been updated for the more tech savvy child and there are now other competitors on the market, each with their own spin on the animatronic toy.; Hatchimals is one toy which is a serious contender to take the crown.


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I Miss My Blog

What an odd title, hey?

Especially considering it's very apparent that it's still here and I have clearly typed this post up.

Those factors may be obvious to the occasional visitor, but if you scroll back through my posts over the past year or so, you'll notice that there's been a significant reduction in the frequency of my posts, and that my inane musings are few and far between.


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