A Sprinkle of Summer Fun Memories!

A Sprinkle of Summer Memories

When I think back to my childhood, there are some memories which are far more vivid than others: pretending our picnic table was a stage and performing for my family; playing in the paddling pool with my brothers and sister; and quickly slurping up the juice of a refreshing lolly before it dribbled down my chin and onto my knees.

All of these memories took place in our garden.

Therefore I was utterly delighted when I asked my own son what his favourite thing about Summer is, and the instant  and eager reply was "Being able to play outside in the sunshine!"

FAB Lollies - The Taste of Summer

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Dinosaur DNA (Review)

Dinosaur DNA by Great Gizmos

When we go on holiday to Lyme Bay, we always enjoy exploring the Jurassic Coast and trying to find fossils from millions of years ago. Of course, we rarely succeed so usually end up buying one of those fossil digging kits. You know, the ones which aren't actually very good and children get bored of?

Last week we were sent such a kit, albeit with a twist, and we were blown away by how superior it was to most others.

Dinosaur DNA fossil kit

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Tennis For Kids

LTA Tennis For Kids 1

The Summer sun shone down caressing the back of my neck, the warm late-afternoon breeze blew in from the sea, and the distinct zip and pop of green balls echoed around the courts as I watched my soon-to-be-seven year old squealing with glee in his first tennis lesson.

LTA Tennis For Kids 1

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March, April and May of Project 366

April skies part 2

I'd say that I have absolutely no idea what's happened to the past seven weeks, but that would be a lie! A fractured wrist doesn't sound that serious or too much of an injury, but in all honesty it has been one of the hardest things to recover from that I've had to deal with. I was lucky to have the surgery and receive such brilliant after-care, but April has past by in a whirlwind of surgery, appointments and physiotherapy. Being unable to use both arms has been frustrating and there have been many tears. I have a completely different appreciation and more understanding now for the children in school with broken arms!

The thought of trying to do this post properly is way too much to deal with! I know that I've taken a photo every day because, unable to crochet and do my daily row for my Sky Blanket, I've photographed the sky to record the colour and be able to play catch up at another time. What it does show is that actually the past seven weeks have been quite sunny and we've had some lovely blue skies. The first photo is from today, the last photo is from dawn on the day after I'd broken my wrist and was returning from hospital at 6am.

April skies part 2

April skies part 1

To add to the abundance of blue skies, I've also got a smattering of photos of normal life; flowers from friends, days out from before my accident and play in the garden or crafting with The Boy.

March, April & May 2016

I can't wait to get back to normality!

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LTA & Britmums: Tennis For Kids

LTA Tennis For Kids

Despite not being very athletic as a child, there were a few sports that I really did enjoy taking part in; namely tennis and swimming.

As The Boy is getting older, I am keen to involve him in sports to ensure that he has a healthy attitude to keeping fit with exercising being the norm. I am acutely aware though that, just like his father and I, he is not a big fan of rough and tumble sports or even competitive team games. I've spotted him on the playground playing football with his friends, and it's fair to say that other than kicking the ball, he doesn't have a clue about the rules!

It's proved a bit of a challenge to find sporty activities for him that he'll engage in. He's started swimming regularly with daddy, and goes to gymnastics every Sunday, but the one he's passionate about has eluded us.

That is until the opportunity to experience tennis came along!

LTA Tennis For Kids

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