Hatchimals (Review)


The trend in toys seems to be cyclical; many toys which I had as a child I've seen come back again and again, just with a modern take on them each time. I was a little too old for the Furby when it was launched, although my 21 year old niece had one when she was young, and my 10 year old nephew has one now. They've been updated for the more tech savvy child and there are now other competitors on the market, each with their own spin on the animatronic toy.; Hatchimals is one toy which is a serious contender to take the crown.


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I Miss My Blog

What an odd title, hey?

Especially considering it's very apparent that it's still here and I have clearly typed this post up.

Those factors may be obvious to the occasional visitor, but if you scroll back through my posts over the past year or so, you'll notice that there's been a significant reduction in the frequency of my posts, and that my inane musings are few and far between.


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Meccano Micronoid: Basher (Review)


Meccano is one of those classic children's toys, appealling to all the construction loving engineers out there, both big and small. I know that The Boy absolutely loves creating all manner of vehicles with the various sets that he has, supplemented by Grandad's finds at car boot sales.

However, not every child finds the repeated making and taking apart appealling, some prefer to make a kit and keep it as such. The issue then can be that there isn't a great ways of interacting with the toy. Meccano have come up with a wonderful way of igniting the curiosity of those more tech-savvy children out there, by producing Micronoids, a new range of robotic and programmable Meccano toys.


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Club Petz: Charlie Funny Talkie (Review)


I've always liked the idea of having pets, however as I'm disinclined to clean up after dogs following a walk, don't like cats, can't find a tortoise for love nor money, and we've got too many magpies and foxes around our area for guinea pigs or rabbits, we're currently limited to two easy to look after goldfish. Peppa (Pig) and Freddy (Fox) swim quite contentedly around their tank, are fed daily, cleaned out every few weeks and are quite sociable enough. Considering they can't talk.

However, when we were offered the chance to review a Club Petz toy, I was quite eager to explore this world of 'electronic pets'; low maintenance and can be switched off at night or during a holiday!

And so we welcomed Charlie Funny Talkie to our home.


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Interview With A Seven Year Old

Annoyingly, I'm a little late with this post, by nearly two months! I usually post our annual interview on my son's birthday and, despite doing it on time and uploading it to YouTube, I failed to actually write this post.

This year is the fifth year that I've asked him exactly the same set of questions (created by Emma from A Matter of Choice in 2012); we started on his third birthday and it's amusing and fascinating to see how his personality and tastes have changed.

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A Sprinkle of Summer Fun Memories!

A Sprinkle of Summer Memories

When I think back to my childhood, there are some memories which are far more vivid than others: pretending our picnic table was a stage and performing for my family; playing in the paddling pool with my brothers and sister; and quickly slurping up the juice of a refreshing lolly before it dribbled down my chin and onto my knees.

All of these memories took place in our garden.

Therefore I was utterly delighted when I asked my own son what his favourite thing about Summer is, and the instant  and eager reply was "Being able to play outside in the sunshine!"

FAB Lollies - The Taste of Summer

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Dinosaur DNA (Review)

Dinosaur DNA by Great Gizmos

When we go on holiday to Lyme Bay, we always enjoy exploring the Jurassic Coast and trying to find fossils from millions of years ago. Of course, we rarely succeed so usually end up buying one of those fossil digging kits. You know, the ones which aren't actually very good and children get bored of?

Last week we were sent such a kit, albeit with a twist, and we were blown away by how superior it was to most others.

Dinosaur DNA fossil kit

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