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The Boy… Aged Eight

It's been way too long since I blogged, still trying to find my mojo with a busy job and homelife, and balancing how much of my son's life I share; his digital footprint is something that I am very aware of as he gets older.

However, there are two things that I do every year to celebrate The Boy turning another year older; video him answering the same set of questions, and a collage of his favourite things. Ashamedly, I seemed to have not done the photo last year, but I'm not missing it again!

The Boy aged 8


Here are his previous collages aged three years old, four years old, five years old, and aged six.

The Boy… Aged Six

I'm a little bit late putting together this collage this year, but life's been hectic and like many things it's been delayed until the Summer holidays to do it justice.

Every year, to celebrate The Boy turning another year older I do two things; video him answering the same set of questions, and a collage of his favourite things. I love to see the progression and there's been a few changes, but while Peppa Pig has never been far away before, her day is now firmly over unfortunately.

The Boy aged six

You can find his collages aged three years old, four years old and last year's photo, aged five.

Five and Six, Clean Up Stinks

It was all going to so well. Probably it still is, but I'm the type of person that when you've been riding high on the crest of a wave (albeit a wee one), a minor stumble sends me crashing down into the murky, poohy waters.

Sorry, too many toileting references there? Get used to them because potty training is frank and all encompassing.

Yesterday was brilliant. The Boy really did superbly. In the morning he stopped playing, looked down at his pants and said "Oh no, they coming down!", pulled them down and took himself for a wee. I was astounded and so very proud of him. We might have had big kisses and cuddles, possibly a silly dance together too. Later on after lunch, he was a little windy and fragrant so I sat him down, told what I wanted him to do, explained how to help it happen and then read his potty training picture book to him. I was looking on the pictures on the penultimate page, debating if that was a potette travel potty the little boy was sitting on when a little hand gripped my leg and I saw The Boy was shaking with the effort. Well blow me down with a feather if he hadn't just managed a deposit! I was even more proud of him than for the wee, and we definitely did a silly little dance then.

Then he had a tiny little accident. Whoops! But it's ok because I explained to him that it was his willy's way of telling him that he had to sit down on the potty quickly. Success! He went the rest of the day with no accidents and visits every hour.

Today started with a delivery of our Buppy pads that we had ordered. I instantly felt a little more relieved about the prospect of travelling to Manchester next Friday with a child who will have only been training for, by then, a fortnight. Mid morning, we popped to Starbucks and then my mum's for lunch. Coming home I decided to try The Boy with the same routine as yesterday lunchtime. All he produced was a wee after a few minutes of trying. I took the potty to the downstairs loo to empty and clean when I heard an informative little cry…

"I done a poo-poo on the carpet mummy!"

My heart sank. Why, oh why, hadn't I just sat there with him for one minute longer. I knew he needed to go, all the signs were there? And why in God's name, hadn't I left one of the many potties that we have amassed within plain sight for him? What a fool I was. I raced in with wipes and nappy sack to discover yes, there was indeed a deposit on the carpet, but that he had done it in his pants because he had been distracted by the bloody television. I sorted it all out while reassuring him that it was all ok, went to the utility room to sort it out (giving him a spare potty first) and had a silent weep for 20 seconds to myself.

Going back into the living room, I discovered that his new pair of pants were damp. I hadn't even had time to finish cleaning out the poo-potty before having to empty and clean out this one! And then, the washing machine went on with a collection of pre-soaked pants from the past few days.

So, what have I learnt?

  • That I know when my son needs to go because nappies used to disguise pops and pants don't.
  • That he can produce when on the potty, I just need to be patient.
  • That a few minutes after he has performed, he will need to do a wee. It seems that the emptying of the bowel must relieve the pressure on The Boy's bladder.
  • I am knackered and need to go to bed earlier.
  • I don't have enough chocolate in the house.

Top Five Finals

This week Kate literally Takes Five, while Keith takes over. Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad (one of my favourite recent finds) is caretaking the Listography this week and has launched onto the scene with a cracker:Top Five Finals.

His own Listography sets the scene of his finale moments inspired by the recent non-event that was 'The Rapture'. A few others have also shared their final five things they'd do before kicking the bucket but I'm going for something different.

I'm a little bit fiery in temperament. I like to blame it on being a Leo, using Astrology as a get-out-of-jail-free card works with some people. However in reality, it's because I'm short-tempered. So this is my:

Top Five Final Straws

1) There is nothing more likely to make the kettle boil than insolence. Specifically answering back. In school I remain as cool as a cucumber while inwardly I am strangling the little blighter. They get the raised eyebrow and lose their break-time.
2) Eye-rolling. Very much linked to the last one. If you want me to gouge your eyes out, that is the way to ensure it happens. Although I am unlikely to because it is a) icky and b) illegal.
3) Parking in the wrong space. Are you disabled? Are you?! No? THEN MOVE! I'm sorry but do you have an infant with you? What do you mean there were no spaces left in the disabled bays!! Teenagers do not count as children in this case! And while I'm at it: if you leave your children in the car with your partner and they are not getting out of the vehicle, then you don't need the space!
4) If you want me to move my trolley so that you can get your natural, live Greek yoghurt with pre and probiotics then say the magic words "excuse me please". Otherwise I will not move! And I will say something to you if you roll your eyes at my husband behind his back you ignorant woman! (Yes this happened earlier in Tesco's, she was virtually climbing on his back she was leaning so close).

However all of these things mean that I must not allow myself to lose my temper. I am a 30 something mother who needs to set a good example to The Boy. But most of all because the last time it was the final straw…

5) I threw a cheap Ikea glass across the kitchen floor. It bounced across the ceramic tiles breaking four of them and came to a rest against the fridge. Undamaged.

This has been brought to you by a woman on the edge following a shopping trip to Tesco's on a Bank Holiday Sunday.

Hatchimals (Review)

The trend in toys seems to be cyclical; many toys which I had as a child I've seen come back again and again, just with a modern take on them each time. I was a little too old for the Furby when it was launched, although my 21 year old niece had one when she was young, and my 10 year old nephew has one now. They've been updated for the more tech savvy child and there are now other competitors on the market, each with their own spin on the animatronic toy.; Hatchimals is one toy which is a serious contender to take the crown.


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Special Appearances from Yankee Candle

It does feel sometimes like my house is just one big toy storage facility, with a wooden fortress deep in the middle of a battle; fallen knights scattered helplessly across the floor, soldiers parachuting down to rescue their troubled comrades and the pups from Paw Patrol doing their utmost to save the day in Adventure Bay. However, I do like to assert my hold over the house with a few pretty things like vases of flowers, pots of shells and Yankee Candles scattered around on the surfaces.

Yankee Candle Cotton Candy large jar

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Digital Music for Children

Music is not a strong point of mine and despite wanting to be a veritable maestro on the piano, the most I can manage is 'Silent Night' one handed and with no sense of tempo. It makes teaching music to my class a real challenge, and although it's a bit easier to convince my five year old son that I know what I'm doing, I still need a bit of help!

I've found a selection of software which is perfect to promote musical composition in children, bring on the Beethovens and Mozarts!

Digital Music for Children

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