Lessons From Parents' Evening

This week has seen parents' evening in my school, which has meant me working until 8pm two nights. I'm not going to lie, it's exhausting, especially when one of those days fell on a work day and I'd been in school since 8am. However it's part of the job so I deal with it. As a parent now I realise how important these sessions are, and am far more compassionate than I was pre-child.

However, as The Boy is also in my school now, it meant that we weren't able to have our own parents' evening on the same day, and therefore saw his teacher on Tuesday after school. Yes, he had a good report and yes I am proud of him, but yesterday when I sat down to talk with him about his targets, I had an epiphany.

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Funny Boy

The Boy is very used to having his photograph taken, and while most of the time he is happy to 'go with it', sometimes he decides to look anywhere but at the camera. It can be frustrating.

That's why the other day he pretended to have a mild temper tantrum at me.

Funny Boy

I do love this boy of mine.

Colourful Copper (Giveaway)

I absolutely adore this time of year for the everchanging colours and rich tones in nature, the trees shift their colours from one day to the next. Autumnal walks to find pine cones, acorns and conkers are accompanied by the sound of crunchy leaves cascading down from the near-skeletal trees in the cool October wind, a flurry of coppers and golds in the air.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one with bowls of Autumn treasures scattered around the house, mixed up with cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices; the aroma is warming and comforting. I've found the perfect bowls to display our finds in as well.

Copper bowls From OutThere Interiors

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Natural Childhood

P-P-P-Pick Up A Pumpkin

One of our absolute favourite places to visit for easy outdoor fun on a weekend is our local Pick-Your-Own fruit farm. It's a perfect example of diversification, as not only does Hendrewennol have all the usual berries to harvest during the Summer months, but it also has a themed maize maze (this year in the […]

National Trust: Dyrham Park

I absolutely adore Autumn. It is a glorious time of year; full of colours and treasures, walks through crunchy leaves while listening for bouncing squirrels overheard. It's also the time of year that we start exploring new National Trust places, arboretums in the grounds of stately homes are glorious in Autumn. Last weekend we visited […]

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Play & Craft

Autumn Treasure Bag

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to get out and about, enjoying nature and all the treasures the season brings. During the month of September, we are forever scavenging for conkers and acorns, finding colourful leaves and spotting squirrels, with our pockets fit to bursting with the fruits of our labour. When we were […]

How To Make A Minibeast Hotel

There's one activity that The Boy has been desperate to do all Summer; make a minibeast hotel! Last week we were playing in the garden when he spotted his old and battered wheelbarrow, went in search of a trowel, and decided that he'd had enough of waiting for me, and started doing it himself.

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365 #42

Welcome to 365 Photo A Day Project linky. This linky covers round-up posts for the week or one of your favourite photos of the week. I've written a post providing tips for completing the project, always ask one of the regulars for help if you're stuck. The 365 linky only works because of people linking […]


Cray-Pas Oil Pastels (Review)

When I was asked by my headteacher to return to work in September as a class teacher (as opposed to a cover teacher as I've done for four years), I was excited. There are some subjects that I have really missed teaching over the past few years and Art is the main one; I studied […]

Celebrating Grandparents

We're incredibly lucky to have my mum so close, helping us out and being a really rather awesome mother. And Nana. She is a fabulous Nana who loves her grandchildren without discrimination, she would do anything for them. And that's why there was a ring at the door at 7.30 this morning. She'd taken home […]

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