Natural Childhood

The Museum For Trees

She looked at me aghast, her eyes wide in horror at the mere suggestion, "No no! They can't climb trees! We're a conservation area! They might damage the trees, plus of course the danger to themselves!"

Hunting Dinosaurs at The Bendricks

Today we walked in the footprints of dinosaurs. 200 million year old dinosaur footprints. Actual dinosaurs.

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Play & Craft

Beach Craft: Driftwood Windchime

We're incredibly fortunate to live on the coast and be able to visit the beach whenever the whim takes us; making memories, gathering treasures, and enjoying the wonders of nature. When we come home it's always time to empty our pockets and examine our prized possessions, debating our latest way of storing them and remembering […]

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TomTom GO 5000 (Review)

When it comes to navigation whilst driving, I am resolutely an advocate of reading road signs and maps, using the internal compass, asking directions and working out the way to go next using all these skills. I can't tell you how many times my husband and I have rowed during a car journey because he […]

That Holiday Feeling with the Taste of Iberia (Review)

One of our favourite holiday destinations pre-The Boy was Barcelona, sitting on Las Ramblas in the early evening, supping a glass of sangria and muching on yummy tapas while watching the street artists trying to tempt the tourists with their wares. It was utter bliss and I couldn't have felt more relaxed with the 'on […]

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