An Inharmonious Cacophony

Do you ever feel like you're on a tightrope?

This seems to be my constant state of mind over the past six months. And just as soon as I start to gather some semblance of balance, managing to edge forward fractionally, someone adds a weight to one of my hands sending me dangerously close to toppling off.

And I've always had a dodgy sense of balance.

Even typing this post, I am struggling to concentrate. It's like that Internet meme which mentions the author's mind being like a web browser with seventeen tabs open, three have crashed and you can't work out which one the music is coming from. That's me, most of the time.

Insomnia is a bitch.

It's not uncommon to still be lying here at 4am just waiting…

Waiting for my husband to resume snoring. Waiting for the YouTube meditation track (that I should have fallen asleep to) to end so I can turn it off. Waiting to see if I really do need another 'tinkle', just in case.

Waiting for my mind to just stop long enough to grasp the sleep cloud and slip into much needed rest for a few hours.

Mirtazapine is too strong. It wipes me out the next day, and that's when I actually can wake up. Promethazine doesn't work, not even two tablets.

I long to feel calmed. That this entropy that is my mind will one day lose its fragility and frangible qualities, and allow focus and serenity to reign.

Tinkling The Ivories

This piano waited ten years for someone to be able to play it. Sanded, polished and cared for as best as two non-musicians could, I swear the keys tinkled with excitement when The Boy started having lessons.

Sometimes the simplest sounding piece of music is actually deceptively difficult, like Calon Lân. He learnt this within a fortnight for the school's Eisteddfod competitions, and I think it sounds utterly beautiful; like a lullaby.

I will keep this child playing, regardless of how much he may complain in the future, because being able to play the piano is an amazing and beautiful talent.

Children and Foreign Languages: an Investment Worth Every Penny

As a teacher living in Wales, I have to teach Welsh as a second language at primary level. It's a challenge (especially when languages are not your forte!), however it is amazing to see children's confidence develop whilst learning these new skills, developing cultural interest and pride, and embedding their place as global citizens.Knowing additional languages in today’s world is very important, especially given that our children are growing up in a highly globalised environment. It may be costly, but overall there are many options you can resort to for language learning.

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The Top 5 Tips On Preparing For Your First Baby

It’s always a very exciting yet nerve racking time when you’re expecting your first baby. Not only are you preparing mentally for a new little member in your life but ensuring you are fully equipped with the necessities can be a task in itself. In order to feel organised and prepared to welcome your new born into the world, check out some of Kiddies Kingdom’s top tips on how you can get ready for your little one’s arrival.

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Natural Childhood

A Sprinkle of Summer Fun Memories!

When I think back to my childhood, there are some memories which are far more vivid than others: pretending our picnic table was a stage and performing for my family; playing in the paddling pool with my brothers and sister; and quickly slurping up the juice of a refreshing lolly before it dribbled down my […]

Going Ape in the New Forest!

There is nothing that The Boy loves more than clambering up a tree. It provides a real sense of achievement and connecting with the natural world in that manner really grounds the soul, uplifting and revitalising the body. Last weekend we travelled down to the New Forest for my mother-in-law's 70th birthday celebrations. This involved […]

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Play & Craft

Beach Memory Jars

Memories made at the beach last a lifetime. As far as I'm concerned, this is completely true! However, sometimes it helps to have a little something to aid the memories. My sister pointed out a glass jar to me recently which had 'Sand from our favorite beach' printed on it. I really liked the idea, […]

Summer Holiday Boredom Busters

Within the next week or so, all school-aged children in the UK will be on Summer holidays, American and Australian children are already enjoying the break. How long before the cry of 'I'm bored' sounds out? I've put together a collection of posts for Tuesday Tutorials this week which should help alleviate that frustration!

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Project 365 (2018): Days 7 – 32

Well, look at me! The chilled out 365-er who hasn't posted weekly. I haven't even got a photo a day either! I've missed about three days this month, probably because they were a Tuesday and I was knackered after work. The world still turns though, who cares if I've missed a day? I've still taken […]


Paw Patrol: Zoomer Marshall (Review)

For several years now, my son's favourite programme has been Paw Patrol; a television series which follows the adventures of the inhabitants of Adventure Bay and their frequent rescuers – eight pups and their ten year old leader, Ryder. I've often wondered about the sense of having a town's emergency services completely staffed by a […]

Hatchimals (Review)

The trend in toys seems to be cyclical; many toys which I had as a child I've seen come back again and again, just with a modern take on them each time. I was a little too old for the Furby when it was launched, although my 21 year old niece had one when she […]

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