Tennis For Kids

The Summer sun shone down caressing the back of my neck, the warm late-afternoon breeze blew in from the sea, and the distinct zip and pop of green balls echoed around the courts as I watched my soon-to-be-seven year old squealing with glee in his first tennis lesson.

LTA Tennis For Kids 1

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Natural Childhood

Going Ape in the New Forest!

There is nothing that The Boy loves more than clambering up a tree. It provides a real sense of achievement and connecting with the natural world in that manner really grounds the soul, uplifting and revitalising the body. Last weekend we travelled down to the New Forest for my mother-in-law's 70th birthday celebrations. This involved […]

The Museum For Trees

She looked at me aghast, her eyes wide in horror at the mere suggestion, "No no! They can't climb trees! We're a conservation area! They might damage the trees, plus of course the danger to themselves!"

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Play & Craft

Beach Memory Jars

Memories made at the beach last a lifetime. As far as I'm concerned, this is completely true! However, sometimes it helps to have a little something to aid the memories. My sister pointed out a glass jar to me recently which had 'Sand from our favorite beach' printed on it. I really liked the idea, […]

Summer Holiday Boredom Busters

Within the next week or so, all school-aged children in the UK will be on Summer holidays, American and Australian children are already enjoying the break. How long before the cry of 'I'm bored' sounds out? I've put together a collection of posts for Tuesday Tutorials this week which should help alleviate that frustration!

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Project 366 #24

Welcome to 366 Photo A Day Project linky. This linky covers round-up posts for the week or one of your favourite photos of the week. I've written a post providing tips for completing the project, always ask one of the regulars for help if you're stuck. The 365 linky only works because of people linking […]


Interplay Powered Hovercraft (Review)

The Boy has really reached the inquisitive stage with his toys, and by that I mean the 'let's take this apart and see how it works' stage. You know the one, it's very much the same as the 'Mummy, this doesn't work anymore' stage, and the 'Mummy! Could you help me fix this please?' stage. […]

Disney On Ice: Silver Anniversary Edition

It's that time of year again when the spectacular that is Disney On Ice takes to arenas around Britain to showcase some of the best choreography set to the familiar and comforting world of magical, childhood music. This year is the Silver anniversary commemorating a wonderful 25 years of magical ice-dancing, and the show this […]

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