School's Out For Summer (Netflix Stream Team)

School is well and truly out for the Summer and we're a week or two into the extended holiday with our little lovely ones. The Summer holidays seems to send parents one of two ways; either counting down the days until the new term starts, or (like me) desperately trying to fill as much fun in as possible and dreading the return of September.

Amongst all the wonderful and unstructured learning through play activities which dominate most of the holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to ensure our children are still learning away from the classroom without homework to prompt them. And even the best intentioned mother has to give a little bit of televisual cool-down time during frantic moments.

Don't despair, it doesn't have to necessarily turn into a cartoon-fest, Netflix have a huge array of programmes aimed at helping our children learn.

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5 Tips For Taking Your Children To A Photographer

Nearly every parent has been in the situation; they take their children to the portrait studio with the idea that it will be quick and painless and hey, the studio said it only takes fifteen minutes, right?! Wrong. Maybe your child is a photographer's dream and she'll run home telling all of her friends of your amazing child who posed exactly how she wanted the whole time, but that's just not realistic. In fact, even your photographer knows that's not realistic and they don't expect it.  [Read More...]

Natural Childhood

#39: Catch A Crab

We're doing really quite well with our '50 Things To Do Before You're 11&¾' project; The Boy is only just 5 years old and has already ticked off 37 of the 50 things! There are quite a few that he just can't manage yet, mainly due to physical capability or maturity. However, when we stayed […]

F is for…

… frightened first-timers.

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Play & Craft

How To Make A Teacher's Thank You Card (Using Tagxedo)

As a teacher, I have always preferred a handmade card from a child as it feels more personal and I like the effort that goes into it. As a parent to a school-aged child, I was determined that we'd be making his teachers cards for Christmas and at the end of the year, and following […]

Personalised LEGO Birthday Party Invitation

I like themes for birthday parties, and when we decided to have a joint birthday party with The Boy's best friend, the theme was set of a LEGO party. Suitable invitations seemed quite elusive so I lost myself in Pinterest for a few hours, found a number of ideas for inspiration, and set to making […]

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365 #30

Welcome to 365 Photo A Day Project linky. This linky covers round-up posts for the week or one of your favourite photos of the week. I've written a post providing tips for completing the project, always ask one of the regulars for help if you're stuck. The 365 linky only works because of people linking […]


Hotter Shoes

Shoes. They are the one reliable clothing item for me; I can put weight on anywhere else on my body and feel dejected about clothes shopping, but shoes are safe. Shoes and bags. About a month ago I collaborated with Hotter Shoes to pull together a bloggers' evening in their Cardiff branch where we were […]

Easy Bunk Bed Storage (Review)

As regular followers of TheBoyandMe will know, we recently redecorated the spare room for The Boy, moving him from his 'nursery' to his big boy bedroom. The room is decorated in shades of blue, and he now has a high bed with a play space underneath. One thing I was keen for him to have […]

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