Free-Range Family Fun In February: A Break Away in Bosinver

Every time the dreariness of November descends, I start looking towards our planned holidays for next year. The darkness and monochrome world is descending, the sparkle of Christmas hasn't really started yet and I need something to look forward to.

Fortunately, we've recently been invited to stay at Bosinver Farm Cottages in Cornwall, and I was very eager to book our break for February half-term. We're not afraid of wet weather exploration and adventures, and what better way than to settle down in the heart of Cornwall on a family farm, armed with wellies and waterproof macs?

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Natural Childhood

Catch A Falling Leaf

It shouldn't really be that hard should it? "Can you sprinkle some leaves over his head please? It'll be a fabulous Autumn photo!" said I to Mr. TBaM last weekend at Lacock Abbey.

Hallowe'en At Hendrewennol

When you find somewhere that works for you as a family, it can be easy to over-visit and wear out your enthusiasm for the place. Hendrewennol is our new favourite place but we're quite fortunate that as it's a pick-your-own fruit farm it is quite seasonal and therefore we can't overdo our visits. We've visited […]

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Play & Craft

Pompom Craft: Spooky Spiders

When I was a child I used to love making pompoms, and have been eagerly waiting for The Boy to have the fine motor skills to get him started on them as well. I've recently spotted a lot of Christmas crafts on Pinterest using pompoms, but decided to make a more seasonal first attempt with […]

Autumn Treasure Bag

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to get out and about, enjoying nature and all the treasures the season brings. During the month of September, we are forever scavenging for conkers and acorns, finding colourful leaves and spotting squirrels, with our pockets fit to bursting with the fruits of our labour. When we were […]

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Project 365 #47

Welcome to 365 Photo A Day Project linky. This linky covers round-up posts for the week or one of your favourite photos of the week. I've written a post providing tips for completing the project, always ask one of the regulars for help if you're stuck. The 365 linky only works because of people linking […]


Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race (Review)

The Boy is a huge fan of cars, particularly the collection of Hot Wheels walltracks sets that he's collected over the past couple of years. He particularly likes that he can stand and play with the walltracks sets as opposed to lying on the floor, and it makes racing the cars a lot easier. Wall-mounted […]

Christmas from Yankee Candle (Review)

I'm becoming very excited for Christmas; creating the right atmosphere in the house with lights, decorations and fragrances really adds to the magical time. I've been sent a few items from Yankee Candle recently which are going to help fill the house with the scents of the season; vanilla, cinnamon, apple, gingerbread, nutmeg, marshmallow, cookies […]

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