Project 365 (2018): Days 1 – 6

days 1-6

1: We usually attempt a New Year's Day walk along Barry Island beach, but we couldn't get motivated enough in time to catch any of the remaining daylight, so we popped down to the local beach from a scoot along the promenade and pier.

2: My husband took the day off today so we had more chilled out family time, and this gave us a chance to start (and finish) the Christmas jigsaw.

3: A very quiet morning spent in bed with my little cherub exploring Minecraft. I can't even begin to tell you how many new worlds and adventures we've started over the past fortnight, but I'm not complaining about a single one. There is nothing I love more than cuddling down in our big king-size bed and feeling his little toes burying into my legs to warm up; it's the little moments that make motherhood the most fun.

4:We took my mum out for lunch to a pub-restaurant that we've frequently thought wasn't that great, but a recent meeting there showed that it had bucked up its ideas and raised its game. Deep-fried halloumi and triple-cooked chips, followed by a scrummy sundae. All best handled without a stifling Winter jumper of course!

5: Would the week be complete without a sleeping child photo?

6: Bah humbug! We don't want to take the decorations down and have left it until the very last minute, but it's finally time. The whole house looks a little more bare and boring without the glamour and glitz, but in the words of The Boy, "If we had Christmas every day, then it wouldn't be special, would it?".

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  1. says

    Welcome back! Wise words from The Boy. It's lovely to see how he's growing up. He hasn't changed much, he's just a bit bigger ! Love the photo on the pier. We left our Christmas decorations up pretty late too. It's as it should be.

  2. says

    Beautiful photos! I remember the first year I joined in with 365, and seeing some of your photos of your son playing on the beach after school. I was so jealous – who'd have thought I'd be able to do the same a couple of years later, eh?

    Absolutely love the one of him on the pier!

  3. says

    Welcome Back! The Boy hasn't changed, just got taller. Totally agree with him about Christmas, but I was sad to take them down, although it did decrease my blood pressure not having to stop the puppy chewing the branches!!

  4. says

    Welcome back! We left our decorations till the last minute too, partly due to laziness and partly because it does look so bare, but the boy is right about keeping it special.

  5. Notmyyearoff says

    Happy new year!! It sounds like a really lovely week. We had the same and I really did not want to go back. The first week back was a bit tough, bleurgh!

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