The Boy… Aged Four

Building on from last year's post, this is a memento of what The Boy likes at the grand old age of four.

The Boy aged four (web)

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    Gosh, is the little chap four? Doesn't time fly! He's a Leo like me then. My 65th (ugh) on Sunday and am having a bit of a bash for some friends tomorrow. First real time I have 'entertained' since before M came (and went!) Nearly 12 years ago.
    I have put my head above the parapet, just to wish The Boy a very Happy Birthday! Big hugs and kisses from Auntie Lynda xxxxxx kissy, kissy, kissy.

    *Lynda puts head back down below parapet until later in the summer.* Too much to do to spend time on social media I'm afraid. Not even time for photos with my new camera!

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    What a lovely way to remember the things he likes 🙂 Freddy would relate to a few of them, but he'd add singing along to his sister's favourite music on her iPod, the colour light blue, trampolining and hot milk with a strawberry straw! Our boys are growing up so fast. xxx

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    i really like the photo you have chosen – sums up your summer i think and his love for the beach (and his hat!). lots of similarities and i forgot to add Crazy Chefs!! x

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