Interview With An Eight Year Old

My son makes me smile and laugh in equal measures. He's a contrary little monkey, with a fantastic sense of humour, and everything about him makes my heart burst with adoration and love. Be it his mostly accurate commentary of the performances on Strictly Come Dancing ("His timing is all wrong Mummy, and she was basically jogging around the dancefloor with a smile on her face!"), or his complicated recipes for 'Food and Doogan' (the mudpie kitchen he runs with his cousin, from the bottom of our garden), I love to see his personality emerging with a wonderful joie de vivre.

Every year around his birthday, we conduct an interview which I record; a set format of twenty questions* that really show how his tastes and thoughts are changing as he matures. The first one was conducted five years ago when he was a squiggly little three year old infant who couldn't sit still, and some things never change!

The tastes are definitely starting to change; bye bye to Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig (look at his incredulation that it was ever included), hello to Chinese takeaways and Ed Sheeran. While some things never change; his love of Cornwall, his best friend, and his favourite meal being cheesy-ham pasta!

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* The original questions originated with this post on A Matter Of Choice.

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  1. says

    He has changed a lot over the years. You could make a book about all your wonderful and amazing and joyful adventures you've had with him over the years! That would be so cool!

  2. says

    I've only just got round to watching this. I love it.
    Interesting to see how he has changed over the years and how his answers have changed too!
    And so don't think you have ever sounded so Welsh haha x

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