When the Kids Leave Home

It can be difficult to cope when your children leave home. For years your life has revolved around caring for them and preparing them for the outside world, but when they enter it, it can leave a void. Empty Nest Syndrome is very real, and many people feel a loss of purpose when their children aren’t around the house any more.

There are a few simple ways to relieve these feelings of loss, so you can refocus and concentrate on the new freedom you have in your life.


Communication is the most important thing to get right at this difficult stage. You may be tempted to call every day, or even multiple times a day: if you’re feeling anxious this may be something you’re compelled to do to reassure yourself your child’s doing alright.

Allowing it to get out of control is counterproductive. If you over-call, you won’t give your son or daughter the space they need to develop their independence. They’ll feel stifled and you’ll put them off calling you when they really need to.

Instead try to create a routine that works both for you and the bird who’s flown the nest. Whether that’s a longer, catch up call on an agreed day of the week, or maybe creating a family Whatsapp group where you can all share whenever you have time, finding a routine that keeps you in touch but doesn’t let your anxiety drive the agenda is the way to happiness.


Another key thing to work on is finding a use for all the free time you have now. Your life as a parent has entered a new phase and it isn’t as time consuming as it has been. This free time can feel like a huge void unless you find something productive to fill it.

It can be as simple as deciding to work your way through some boxsets with your partner, or a more complicated, time consuming project. This could be the time you’ve been waiting for to clear out the spare room and turn it into an office, a games room or even a library. If you need to put things into storage to create the space you need, using a company like byStored storage facilities is a great idea because they include free pick up in the price of renting a unit.

Once you’ve found something productive to throw your time into, those feelings of loss will have time to heal, and when you welcome your family back together for Christmas, a birthday or even just Sunday lunch you’ll be able to do it with a smile on your face.

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