The Washing Line (Flashback Friday)

This morning I decided to take a chance on the weather and hang out some washing on the line.

It's not a terribly astounding washing line, especially at the moment as it's lopsided due to The Boy sliding down it like a fireman.

It's a quite unassuming Brabantia whirlygig.

But as I hung up the clothes, I had a moment when I remembered hanging out The Boy's brightly coloured pants. His first pants.

Sunday 21st August 2011

Almost exactly two years ago, I posted that photo as a Silent Sunday to show the coloured gems that The Boy was getting to grips with. Potty training was a success and he was dry during the day within a fortnight.

And it feels like only yesterday that I was pegging his little, dinosaur pants on the line.

So how come I was doing the same thing earlier, but with these?

Flashback Friday 16th August 2013

How have the past two years gone by so quickly?

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  1. says

    i remember that pant photo fondly – it is almost iconic in a way and reminds me of your blog (and I love that you have it in your downstairs wash room). time flies by far too quickly and everyone tells me that once our children start school, it passes by even faster 🙁
    as you know, i feel the same
    thank you for linking up – its a graet flashback x x

  2. says

    Hi I love the first picture, it's very nice and it evokes a nice feeling, of childhood, sun, growing up etc. But yes time just goes and we need to cherish every minute.
    We are going through potty training now and it's not as straightforward as your experience sounds. I need to buy some pants too which I'm sure my little boy will be impressed with and will want to keep. I am at work 4 days so don't have the time to persevere for a long time, but will keep at it.
    I like your use of photos to tell stories. I do a bit of that too in my blog, as photos say a thousand words. Laura x

  3. says

    Great photos. I used to love hanging all the baby clothes on the line and being able to hang up two loads of them but now, the clothes look huge on the line. Scary how quickly time passes.

  4. says

    I have no idea what a Brabantia Whirlygig is but I am going to google it after this comment. It has gone by so quickly, I remember when I used to have piles of muslins because Z was so sicky and now its just all jeans and things. I want the next year to go slooooowly till he has to nearly start school.

  5. says

    Love that pants photo! So colourful.

    It certainly does go fast. I can't quite believe my daughter is starting junior school in Sept

  6. says

    Fast forward a few years and you'll be hunting for pants to wash! Teenagers undies must be camouflaged because it takes a crack team of commandoes ( lol pun intended ) to go in to a teen lair and locate such items! One has a sense of triumph when pegging those on the line!!

  7. says

    Seems there a lot of us with children starting this year. If you think those last couple of years have gone fast wait until he's waiting to collect his GCSE results and thinking oh my how did that happen!

  8. says

    Love his cute little dinosaur pants… The time seems to go by so quick and I don't want to even think about this for my little one. I hope he gets on ok at his first days at school.

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