Back To School: Asda School Uniform (Review)

I can't quite believe that in two and half weeks, my little baby will be starting school.

It seems like only yesterday that I was blogging about his vocabulary; all twenty words! And now? Now he's telling me about how, "Luckily mummy, I had put the code in correctly on the iPad!"

However, I've entered into a world that is second nature to me; the education system, albeit as a parent this time, not as a teacher. As one of those teachers who barks at children to wear the correct school uniform, it is important to me that The Boy is kitted out according to the rules of the school. And as a busy working mum, I also don't want to be washing uniform throughout the week, so want a fresh polo-shirt (at least) and (probably) trousers and sweatshirt for each day. I'm fortunate that he doesn't have to wear emblemmed polo-shirts and sweatshirts, therefore saving quite a few pounds as the only supplier in the town charges £8.00 for a polo shirt alone!

I had been looking at the uniform in Asda, especially as they sell red polo-shirts and sweatshirts, the colour that The Boy needs, when I received an e-mail asking me if I'd like to review some of the range. I was consequently sent vouchers and called into Asda in Cwmbran to pick up The Boy's new uniform.

Asda school uniform

As you can see, I bought a fair amount for the money!

  • shoes = £12.50
  • daps/plimsolls = £2.50
  • teflon-coated trousers = £3.00 (x2)
  • teflon-coated shorts = £2.50 (x3)
  • sports shorts (two pack) = £3.00
  • sports (swim) shorts = £3.00
  • tracksuit bottoms = £4.00
  • polo shirts (two pack) = £2.50 (x2)
  • sweatshirts = £2.00 (x3)
  • shower-resistant fleece-lined coat = £5.00
  • shower-resistant pac-a-mac = £4.00
  • socks (7 pairs) = £4.00 (x2)
    • Total = £66.50

I'm wowed. Actually wowed that I have bought an entire week's worth of school uniform for less than a month's worth of child benefit. I have been dreading buying his uniform for various reasons, not least of all because of the financial impact. However, these clothes appear to be hard wearing, especially as the trousers and shorts are teflon-coated.

The Boy tried his uniform on earlier, he is a fussy clothes-wearer as he likes soft clothes, and he actually commented that the shorts and trousers were very soft on his legs. He also had a big smile on his face when he pulled the sweatshirt on, due to the soft lining. And you can't ask for more than a child who is comfortable in his uniform, it means he'll be ready to learn.

Asda school uniform

When did my little baby become such a big boy?

I received vouchers to purchase this uniform for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

I am sure that some people reading this will query how a uniform can be produced so cheaply and ethically, especially when the label indicates that the clothing has been made in a developing country. Here is the link to Asda/George's Corporate Ethical Responsibility Policy, and here is the ASDA Wal-Mart Policy on Ethical Trading.

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  1. says

    Blimey, 2 and a half weeks, we've still got a month or so (no idea of a date yet apparently they will let us know!) seems like back to school is still miles away for us.

    Luckily for me Leo is not in uniform for another year ( I think, maybe 2 – I have no real idea what is going on) so I can send him in any old stuff. I'm not looking forward to uniform time though. Here they all wear grey tracjsuit bottoms and white polo shirts, no smart trousers for us 🙁

    the good side to that though is if we can get it from UK, here you'd pay €10 for a shirt and the same for bottoms and the quality is terrible.

  2. says

    Wow. He looks so cute in his uniform. Blake is starting school on Tuesday – 5 days away. And I can't quite believe it. I'm so used to having a pre-schooler in the house. It feels very strange. We need bottle green jumpers – which most stores don't usually do.

  3. says

    he looks very smart and i do like the red makes a nice change form the white i see so much of here in N.Devon. its good value too isnt it? bless him, not long for both our boys now *gulps* x

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