Duplo Number Train (Review)

It was only a few months ago that we first went to Legoland and since then The Boy has become completely captivated with the Creative Cars and My First Build sets that we bought him at the time.

He was recently sent the Duplo Number Train to review, and he was enthralled with it. The great thing about Duplo boxes are that they feature a large photograph showing what the completed product is meant to look like, and this is easy for children to follow. The Boy referred to the 'map' (as he calls instructions) several times throughout, but quickly worked out which piece should go where.

Duplo Number Train

The train comes with four brightly coloured chassis to create an engine and three carriages. There are also parts to create an engine (with a driver) and ten numbered blocks, fitting three to each carriage if placed in a row (with one spare), a dog and a few spare piece of Duplo to create a basic station or a bridge.

On the first sitting, The Boy happily played with this for half an hour; laying the numbers out in a line and touch counting the blocks, creating the intended train, and then making different versions of it. He has come back to this a number of times, and actually has incorporated it into his normal Duplo sets and made a train station adapting the My First Build set for this purpose.

The Duplo Number Train is a really reasonably priced set of Duplo at £12.99 and comes with enough blocks to provide creativity with the way that the train is made or to allow children to go off a tangent, as they are want to do! Until we had a set of Duplo, I didn't fully appreciate the difference between it and other cheaper building blocks; it's hugely different due to the materials and accurate moulding. Moreover it has engaged The Boy with the idea of constuction for the first time ever!

Duplo Number Train 1

We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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    I love this train, we've never had any Duplo in this house and that seems wrong somehow! Leo would love it, but I had thought it young for him, I realise looking at the Boy that it's not at all. Think we would get years worth out it with Louka too…..maybe I'll ask Santa nicely 😉

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