ShowOff ShowCase: The One That Should Have Done Better

I know, it sounds like an episode of Friends doesn't it?

After last week's spectacular response to my humble linky, I thought I'd go for a theme almost the opposite in nature. The one that you enjoyed writing, read it back to yourself and thought "yep, that's going to go down well", and one person read it and no-one commented. It's the blog-post that makes you question your ability as a blogger.

The One That Should Have Done Better.

So this is your chance to make it shine, shove it in people's faces again, flaunt it and allow it to shout at the top of its lungs:

"Please read me, I WAS A GOOD POST! I do not deserve to fester at the bottom of the site stats chart!"

I know it's a hard one to link up to, especially for more established bloggers who've been going for years. There's a lot of posts to sift through. I've had my own issues finding one because I moved my blog after a month, so I've had to take into account two different site statistics. I've also had difficulty choosing because there were a couple that I could have gone for, the brilliant blogger that I am.

I considered the story of The Chair or the semi-informative teething one (Sleepless Nights and Pearly Whites), but then I discovered the one I really was surprised about.

If you want to find out which one it is, you'll have to read it won't you?

ShowOff ShowCase


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  1. says

    Thanks for the linky. I wrote my post when I'd only been blogging for about a month, and although it has one comment, I didn't get many page views πŸ™
    Surely everyone wants an easy recipe for chocolate truffles?!

  2. says

    I've had a look at your neglected post and given it some comment love…

    I too missed the linky, but that's OK: I'm generally late for things! You did get me thinking about my early blogging (not that I've been going that long), and there was one early post I was quite proud of and, as far as I can tell from the Blogger stats, no one has read it. I guess it's because at that point no one knew me, and I was writing for myself. I guess I still am writing for myself – it's a release. Anyway, if you fancy looking:


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