Listography: Time-Travelling!

This week KateTakes5 has come up with a marvellous idea which got me thinking "oooh!" straight away.

So with a selection of Quantum Leap inspired thoughts, here are my moments where I 'strive to put right what once went wrong!' Sorry I lost myself with Sam and Al then, here are my top five places and times to visit to experience.

  • South Wales, 1970s: My Bampi died when I was two years old and while I have just the one very powerful memory of him, I do regret that I never had more time with him like I did with my other grandparents. From all accounts, not just my mum's, he was a gentle, kind and loving man, father and grandfather. I would love to see him when he was fit and healthy, learn from his gardening expertise and bask in his kindly smile.
  • 2075-ish: Let's face facts here, I'm 33 and have had a 1yr old son. There is a very slim chance (especially taking into account my grandparents' ages when they died) that I am going to be alive to see my grandchildren get married, so I'd really love to see The Boy's own children walk down the aisle or wherever is fashionable at that time. I'd also like to check out if Apple have sorted out iTunes yet into a decent piece of software.

I'm actually struggling! I thought I'd have loads of ideas to write down, but one of my favourite philosophies is "You can't regret something you have done, only something you haven't". So I can't very well go back and tap myself on the shoulder and say, 'oi, no! Don't do that!'

  • Late 2004: I'd like to warn Jen about that Angelina woman so she can keep an eye on Brad.
  • The Year 3000: Just to find out if they really do 'live under water'.
  • Last Wednesday: Then I could tell myself the winning National Lottery numbers and win the jackpot!

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