ShowOff ShowCase: Favourite Post About Being a Parent

When I came up with the idea for ShowOff ShowCase it was going to be a 3-part mini-series: Most Popular, The One That Should Have Done Better, and Personal Favourite. The only problem is that, as I quickly discovered, in the world of blogging there are no unique ideas! In the past fortnight I've discovered that there are two very similar, already well-establised linkies, and for one of them the theme this week is Personal Favourite. Once I'd got over my dismay I started having a think whether I could be a little more specific in the theme for the link-up.

And so in light of the Hallmark celebration that is Mothers' Day, the ShowOff ShowCase theme this week is:


Favourite Post About Being a Parent

It could be a post that you wrote when you first became a parent where you either poured out all the love and devotion you felt for your first-born, or it might be a cry for help after a really bad night of sleeplessness due to the demon teeth. Maybe it was a moment when you were really proud of your child/children for an achievement, or possibly the first time you realised that you were all grown-up and had created another life. Either way, this is your favourite post, it's not statistics driven this time, it's not comments related, it's your choice. Go on Show Off about being a mum (or dad!).

I'll open the linky on Saturday morning, sometime between 8am and 9am.

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