Competition: MiaTui Bags

I have been lucky enough to be approached to review a new range of 'big' bags created by Charlotte over at MiaTui.

MiaTui bags are a fantastic range of bags which have been created by mother of two Charlotte, who is currently living out in Vietnam as an ex-pat. Charlotte realised that many of the change-bags available nowadays just weren't practical or attractive enough for modern women, and therefore set about designing and producing practical bags which are fashionable and can be multi-purpose.

What makes these bags different for me is that they are not produced by a huge multi-national company by a man. MiaTui have used local (Vietnamese) designers, resources and manufacturers to produce the bags; I particularly found it fascinating that Charlotte has made the decision to work with "local women who have their own small businesses, getting paid a fair wage for their work and working their own hours to suit their family circumstances." This is an incredibly responsible attitude of Charlotte, it probably would be easy to having the bags produced in less than ethical situation, but she has thought long and hard about the image that MiaTui bags present. This post really illustrates the background to MiaTui.

The bag came in a large box well protected by air-pockets, but again this is another example of Charlotte's responsible attitude; Opus Air Pockets are biodegradable and compostable, so when put into plastic recycling it only takes 12-24 months to degrade. Underneath this is a beautiful wrapped bag in bright pink tissue paper: I felt like it was Christmas!

And so on to the bag and why it's better than others out there!

I chose the Amelie White-Pink bag to review after much deliberation, although I had the choice of seven different colours and I seriously considered the Aubergine (a brilliant colour for Autumn and Winter I feel).

Sunday was test day, a beautiful day to go to the park (by the sea) and the picture on the left illustrates all the things that would normally be shoved into the change-bag or bottom of the push-chair. I know what you're thinking, "That will never all fit in there!"

"Ha!" says I, "Look!"

Look at the organisation in that bag! And look how little space is taken up in it!

Inside the bag are several really deep pockets to hold the contents in an organised way:

  • a big pocket along one side which is perfect for The Boy's spare clothes and nappies.
  • a pocket for your phone (underneath the end of the zip so you can access it quickly) and it's also big enough to fit the iPod touch (a necessary must to distract The Boy sometimes)
  • a proper-sized insulated drinks pocket (how infuriating is it when only half the bottle fits in like in other bags?)
  • two further pockets along the other side, into these I put my purse and camera, and the wipes and nappy sacks.
  • in the middle section I had the two PVC bags which come with the Amelie bag but are also sold separately. One of them had nappy cream, Savlon, teething gel, anti-bac handwash and sun-cream. The other had packets of snacks for The Boy. There was a towel (in case he went paddling) and I also had the matching clutch bag into which I put essential make-up and other bits and bobs that you'd find in a lady's handbag!
  • my car keys which were clipped on to one of the two safety clips.

The Amelie bag hangs brilliantly off the back of the stroller because, as well as the big handles which enable you to use it as a shoulder bag, there is a long strap which can be attached to either end of the bag. Yes, that is a photo of me!

The bag held everything in it that I needed it to and there was space for more; I could quite easily have had a couple of small toys or a book in there for The Boy, or his swimming stuff and a picnic blanket (I'm thinking ahead here to Friday when we're going to country park which has paddling facilities in it). The most important feature for me was the long zip closing the contents up nice and secure; I hate it when everyone can see into your bag and everything falls out!

The Amelie bag is adapatable to your needs; travel bag, work bag (the large pocket can hold a 13" laptop or iPad), change bag, beach bag (it is made from a splash-proof material). I actually wish that Charlotte had created this two years ago and then I could have dispensed with the two or three change-bags that I've tried during that time!

For a short-time only, until Easter Monday, to celebrate the launch of her online shop, MiaTui are offering the bags with 20% off which brings them down from a very reasonable £54.99 to a bargain £44.50 with free postage and packaging. They are despatched from the UK, so don't worry about waiting more than a couple of days for them to be delivered.

Not only do MiaTui produce multi-purpose bags for mums, but they also produce a range of rucksacks for children with 8 different designs for both girls and boys. I actually really like the silver dot and am thinking of sneakily buying one for myself The Boy!

To be in with a chance of winning one of these rucksacks for your little one (or yourself!) then you will need to do all of the following:

1) Visit and then come back to tell me your favourite item in the comments box below.

2) Either follow MiaTui on twitter or 'like' on Facebook.

3) You will also need to tweet the following message:

"I've entered to win a @miatuibags with @TheBoyandMe's blog"

There are no additional entries, so please just leave one comment in the box telling me: your favourite item from and whether you have followed on twitter or liked on Facebook.

Competition closes on Thursday 5th May 2011 at 8pm. I will contact the winner that night and they need to reply with their colour choice of rucksack by Saturday 7th May 2011 at 8pm or I will redraw a winner. Open to UK entrants only.

While I have been provided with this bag for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and fair, and I have not received any payment for this post.

The winner of the competition is: SomethingBlue_2!

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who entered!

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  1. Lucy Zelazowski says

    I actually love the Amelie Bag range, the silver weave, look very stylish! Also your line of waterproof mats look great!
    I'm, following on tweeter @LondonBirdLucy, I'll retweet. Also, liked and shared
    via Facebook.
    Good luck everyone
    Lucy x

  2. Melle Scales says

    Won't travel without mine!! zebra stripped one of course!! Taken one to Australia for a friend who is having her first baby (pewter and pink), she loves it!!!:-D xx

  3. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I love the Go Dotty Rucksack. Lovely! I've tweeted @feefeegabor and liked on Facebook – Fee Edwards MSE

  4. nicci cowdell-murray says

    my fave is amelie zebra its gorgeous 🙂
    im tweeting @twinklenicci and on facebook twinklenicci cowdell-murray

  5. says

    I have a Mia Tui bag and I love it. I got compliments on it all the time and my friends can not believe how much I can pack in there – and find!! It's a wonderfully designed bag and it's gorgeous. Love it!!!

  6. Katherine says

    I love the travel baby changing mat, its great that you can store nappies and would make life easier when going out with my little one
    I follow @MiaTui on twitter and am tweeting as @sweetkat30, also liked on facebook

  7. Jodie Smith says

    I LOVE the amelie aubergine bag! great stuff! love the different compartments inside and that it looks like a handbag!
    following on twitter as @meetjosmith and have tweeted too.

  8. Hayley says

    Have "liked" on FB, "followed" on twitter, Tweeted and my fave one is definately that zebra print bag! I couldn't lose that thats for sure!

  9. Sue Bell says

    I would really love the silver weave so I could feel the bee's knees.
    I have already liked in FB and tweeted
    I have my fingers tightly crossed,

  10. Angela Webster says

    I think the Amelie Zebra bag is gorgeous, I am following on Twitter and have Tweeted.

    Thanks for the Giveaway 🙂


  11. Trish says

    I love the Amelie bag to use for travelling. I'm sure I could manage a couple of days by just packing the Amelie and therefore not have to worry about lugging cases around. Great if travelling on a plane to avoid the whole baggage handling probs. Everything organised and to hand. Brill.

    Following MiaTui on Twitter @pjo77

  12. @Somethingblue_2 says

    I've just fallen in love with the Amelie Zebra bag! Have followed miatui on Twitter & tweeted x

  13. Amanda says

    Im loving the Amelie silver weave, I follow on twitter and have RTd Thank you for the fab opportunity Amanda gidders1 twitter

  14. Joanne Baldwin says

    I love the Amelie aubergine bag – so versatile and brilliant that it's straps are long enough to hang over the buggy. Perfect work bag but have a feeling I'd use it as an "everywhere" bag.
    Followed on fb (JoJoBaldwin) and tweeted @JoJoBald x

  15. says

    Followed on Twitter and just love the look of Amelie Zebra – especially cos it stand outs out and there is no danger of it not going with anything!

    This is a great product and a must for Mum's – great blog btw :o)

  16. Elaine Taylor says

    My fav would be the amelia black weave, so practical but still stylish. Have followed and tweeted

  17. Ruth Tesdale says

    I love the waterproof mats- so useful no matter where you are or how wet the ground is.
    Have tweeted and following on Twitter @RuthMarianna

  18. Kelly Hooper says

    I love the butterfly rucksack, my little girl wouldn't give that one up for all the chocolate in the house!

    have followed on twitter (@lilysmum2008)

    have tweeted aswell 🙂

  19. Emma Smith says

    I love the Amelie aubergine bag. Such a great name for a bag – the same as my daughters (and I mean Amelie not Aubergine)!!

    Following on twitter @emmiloam

    have tweeted and followed on FB

  20. Ruth Grover says

    I love the Waterproof mats….I take my two Grandchildren to the beach lots and what a good thing this would be!!

  21. Susan Bowe says

    I like the amelie white/pink bag. I also follow Mia Tui on Twitter @SoozyBee and also on FB

  22. Vicky Fallows says

    i love the butterfly kids rucksack, it is so cute.
    following on twitter- @vfallows83
    following on facebook- vicky fallows

    have tweeted the comp message

  23. Angela moore says

    I love the butterfly rucksack, very cute.

    Have followed on twitter and tweeted.


  24. Susan Robinson says

    Sorry forgot to add – followed on Titter @srobbo71 and liked on fb – Sue Robinson Mse x

  25. Sally W says

    Got to be the zebra print Amelie bag!

    Tweeted the competition and following on twitter @mselts

  26. Stuart Osborne says

    Silver Amelie bag (for my wife, not myself!)

    Following on Twitter and tweeted the competition @ossiesheep

  27. says

    Am TOTALLY torn between this and the Grace now! haha! It is a good job I dont have to make decisions very often! Thanks for all your help, fabulous reviews, really useful!


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