Mia Tui: Ava (Competition)

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Mia Tui bags, in fact I own… <counts> five of them. Eeek! I have an Amelie and four Graces, my most prized one is the beautiful leather one although my red canvas Grace offers up stiff competition.

The fantastically versatile bags were originally designed as travel bags, but they were quickly discovered to be excellent change bags as there are so many different compartments inside to hold all the paraphenalia required with babies! As The Boy has grown, I have downsized from the Tardis-like Amelie to the more sedate Grace, which Mary Poppins would be very impressed with. I skipped the in between stage of the Ava for no reason other than I was trying to be brutal with the amount of stuff I was carrying around. However it is an excellent meeting point between the two, and an incredibly useful design with a plethora of pockets still and plenty of inside space.

Now one lucky reader of TheBoyandMe can be in with a chance of winning a stunning black Ava worth Β£49.99

Inside the Ava you will find:

  • 1Β Clear internal bags with hand strap
  • 1 Matching Clutchbag with hand strap
  • 2 Water bottle holders
  • 2 Key clips
  • Phone pocket
  • Pen holder

To be in with a chance of winning this stylish and practical bag, please fill in all entry mechanisms on the Rafflecopter form below. Incomplete entries will be deleted.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Hannah Moody says

    Probably the 5 year old chewing gum – sitting at the bottom waiting to be eaten – not in it's packet or anything! Pretty gross but I must admit my handbag is a little like a black hole that never gets cleaned out πŸ™‚

  2. Tracy Nixon says

    Thanks for the giveaway! My lucky pixie keyring stays in my handbag! I have had it for 28 years and I believe it brings me luck (at times!)

  3. Michelle says

    The strangest thing in my bag is probably the three year old strepsils, or the wet wipes I have with me wherever I go!

  4. Lesley J says

    In my handbag (Amongst other things) I carry my own knife and fork with built in salt and pepper sprinkler – had it for years, and had to use it a few times – well you never know – lol! Also got a mini set of binoculars in case I spot anything interesting whilst on my travels. Then there are the tissues and tissues and tissues and tissues and…..

  5. Stephanie Boulton says

    A hematite stone for its supposed healing properties. I've had it for years even though I don't really believe in that sort of thing anymore.

  6. Johnson Babies says

    I am renowned for having dummies and rattles in my bag on nights out (you never know when a baby might need to be pacified!). I now find it bizarre that I carry make up in my bag- wear it? When?!

  7. Veronica brown says

    A whistle, have ever since i was a teenager and my dad insisted it was a great way of drawing attention if i ever needed to.

  8. says

    Ok so technically I don't have a handbag, only an ugly man-style changing bag which my husband insisted on having when I was pregnant because he insisted he didn't want to take a girly bag with him when he took the babies out on his own. It's never happened, not even once. So it's time for me to have a nice one, please?!

    Wierdest thing in there? At the moment, a load of dry wet wipes because my little girl has emptied them from the packet into the bag when I wasn't watching, because there is no zip on said bag, like there is on the lovely Mia Tui Ava πŸ™‚

  9. says

    I'm really boring as I don't have anything strange in my bag at all! Everything is normal apart from two spare door keys as I have a habit of getting locked out!

  10. Emma says

    Squeaky carrot-shaped dog toy kept for sentimental reasons. Everyone laughs and say I should get rid of it. Soon perhaps. If I'm lucky.

  11. Lorna Peppiatt says

    My business card from many moons ago when I had a 'responsible' career position, look at it often and remember those days fondly πŸ™‚

  12. jennifer thorpe says

    an odd sock that I picked up from the inlaws after the kids had a sleepover, every time I see it. I think, I'll pair it up with its other half and then forget about it πŸ™‚

  13. EMMA WALTERS says

    a sword! its a foam one though so im not armed & dangerous lol been out playing pirates with my little boy πŸ™‚

  14. gemgemmum says

    Various recipes I print at work which I think I will make but never do. Always a spare dummy too,even if not out with gemma!

  15. georgina says

    Most bizarre errrmmm..
    Ahah i used to keep a sache of my medicine in my bag just incase i stay out nightt

  16. Joanne Mapp says

    I have a cat who needs daily medication and I always keep a couple of spare syringes in my bag

  17. chanceuxvache says

    I have lots of loose doggy poo bags in my handbag, just in case! But I normally end up pulling some out by accident at work or in the supermarket xx

  18. Mummy Vs Work says

    Plasters… not really odd though πŸ˜›

    I also forgot to add my twitter handle @mummyvswork to the follow option πŸ™‚

  19. says

    I have a whole collection of oddness in my handbag as it also acts as nappy bag and camera bag. The oddest thing today is a broken toy car that I was hiding from the toddler so he could forget it's broken.

  20. Heather Haigh says

    Nothing strange really unless you count a tape-meaure which I carry for checking dimensions on things like furniture I a considering buying.

  21. Helen says

    Helen searches through her handbag to find ….. a few ripped up beer mats; several weeks ago we were in a local beer garden with our granddaughter (3) and she wanted to practice writing her name; having nothing to hand we split some beermats up and she practiced on those.

  22. Sam B says

    I just had a little rummage and found 2 giant paperclips and a little pot of bubbles. I wonder how long they've been in there!

  23. Kirsty Caffrey says

    I've got a mini book that was bought for my son when he was a baby called 'I love you this much' – its in there as it reminds me of him and I cannot bring myself to take it out!

  24. says

    Right I think I navigated Rafflecopter ok…… Hmmm most bizarre thing in my handbag would have to be a whistle, attached to my work keys. A remnant from my teaching days and comes in handy sometimes when I am doing games at youth club!

  25. says

    Nothing much unusual in my bag, unless you count the fact there is some money in it at the moment – that's quite unusual for me!

  26. julie kenny says

    I always carry some Lego in my bag – very handy for when I`m out with the kids and they are getting restless πŸ˜‰

  27. Susan El Carter says

    Piece of wallpaper in case I eventually find the right curtains and some anti-bacterial handgel.

  28. siobhan marie says

    this is going to sound ridicolous but it was indeed a kitchen tap my daughter must have shoved it in my dad is a builder/ plumber she will have taken it from his tool bag lol x

  29. Dave Brown says

    My partner carries a C90 cassette of her fave songs in her bag even though she hasn't had a player for years, weird.

  30. Felicity says

    I have chewing gum wrappers in my handbag which haven't been thrown out yet. I also have a broken keyring which I haven't thrown away yet.

  31. Rachael M says

    Max's little claw hook thing I use to tie his toys round and grab onto his buggy / bag / me and one of his socks!

  32. kerry Locke says

    A glass eyeball – no seriously – My kids thinks its hilarious – but it stands in good stead for some great one liners and practical jokes !!!

  33. Sarah Lambert says

    My phone charger,x2 sets of earphones and my works diary to make sure im going to work on right days lol

    I usually have lots of sweetie wrappers or kids school letters but i have a new bag and trying to keep it tidy πŸ™‚

  34. vidhya ramasubramaniam says

    I know I have got a yale personal alarm in there in somewhere… :))) and the rest of the bizarre things are impossible to be discovered… πŸ™‚

  35. Fiona says

    car keys – I dont drive but for some reason whenever we park up anywhere my husband gives me the car keys to put in my bag.

  36. Lucy Zelazowski says

    A large reddish rubber Kong dog Frisbee. I cant leave home without it, my doggy is mad for it! I'm a massive fan of Mia Tui bags. Just Gorgeous. I bet my frisbee would fit in the Ava.

  37. Alli Marshall says

    Today it is a huge bag of giant chocolate buttons that I bought for Harry.
    It's unusual for me as I no longer crave chocolate.

  38. Kara says

    The most bizarre thing in my handbag – I still have loads of business cards from cybher lol (not my own)

  39. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I don't know if there is anything bizarre in there. I don't often use a bag these days, I just grab purse, keys, tissues, lipbalm in pockets. I suppose keeping a selection of pills in a bank's coin bag is a bit odd, but they fit in there so well (a strip of paracetamol, ibruprofen and rennies and some plasters) and it stops them popping out of the packaging! Its like a mini first aid kit!

  40. Hannah Clementson says

    I have a mcdonalds squashed bbq sauce curtosy of my 4 year old in my handbag…gross!

  41. says

    Currently I have a beeswax candle my son made with the beekeepers at a recent day out, my daughter got hold of it and tried to eat it so I stowed it away in my bag! Only just found it in there…

  42. Robyn Logan Clarke says

    uuuuummmm, a urine sample, found it in my bag after my last midwife appointment and kept forgetting to take it out.

  43. Ashleigh says

    not sure just now but used to be a remote control when my son was small as he loved playing with it – was great when we are out and about and he got grumpy!

  44. lesley hamilton says

    A lollipop that i had sucked and just put it in my bag, and its stick to the bottom and all gooey

  45. fiona o'farrell says

    A keyring that when you press a button says random things from Carry on films, really funny in silent situations though. Press a button and you get " errre stop messing about" and it's really loud πŸ˜€

  46. Laura Pritchard says

    The most bizarre thing EVER found was a fresh cat poo (bleugh!), but usually an emergency sanitary towel!

  47. Kellie Faggle McIntyre says

    The most bizarre thing currently is a pair of ear plugs. We came back from Butlins today and my nephew complained constantly about the noise!!

  48. Cheryll H says

    The most bizarre thing in my handbag is probably a white gold locket, without a chain, that I keep in my purse because my first daughter used to chew on it when she was teething and it has dents in it… Makes me feel nostalgic when I see it πŸ™‚

  49. mandy waller says

    I have the first cut lock of my daughters hair as i feel close to her when im out and she isnt with me

  50. emma ann scott says

    the most bizzar thing in my handbag is a sachet of mayonnaise- it is for my other half for when we go in Mc Donald's as they don't serve it so i always carry one for him.

  51. Sue Warr says

    A really interesting 'fold-away' hairbrush given to me as a birthday present when I was 16 (I'm now 49!)

  52. Toyah Rusby says

    Being a mum I have a zillion things in my bag. But my fave bag was recently ruined by some fruit sweets for my lil girl whos one. So im bag to using a tiny bag that i cant fit much in. Tissues, fone, purse, keys, dummy(!) and a box of raisans to keep the kids amused when necessary!

  53. Lyndsay Valentine says

    A spectacle repair kit which I bought to mend my Mum's glasses over a year ago – not sure why it's still in there!

  54. Liz. R says

    The most bizarre thing I have is probably lots of old train tickets that I just end up carrying around! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. rachael jones mann says

    the most bizzare thing in my handbag is 2x free passes to the model village in great yarmouth norfolk ……. i live in scotland :S theyve been there 6 years and are still valid !!

  56. says

    Ok I just looked and really this is quite bizarre you know when you cant find a pen or a usb memory stick, well its because my bag eats them. I found 9 pens and 7 usb memory sticks, why do I even have 7 usb memory sticks? And one of them was shaped like a manta ray?!

  57. Sarah Ballantyne says

    One odd baby sock – it was stuck on my trousers one day when I got to work (dratted tumble dryer) and I stuck it in my bag. It's still in there for some reason even though the 'baby' is now 2 and a half and the matching sock went in the bin ages ago. I keep forgetting to take it out.

  58. Dianne says

    My sons pencil case – it's been there since they broke up for the summer – not had a need to use it yet!

  59. Claire Richards says

    The cinema tickets for every film I've seen in the past 2 years! (really need to have a sort out!)

  60. Mark Whittaker says

    In mums, keys to our old house. She says it reminds her to pick up her actual keys when she goes out !

  61. says

    A Cat collar..yes yes ok that sounds really odd..but we have a new kitten so someone gave us a sparkly cat collar which i'm not sure he'll appreciate so it is currently living at the bottom of my bag πŸ™‚ @goriami

  62. Gill B says

    Dog poo bags, even though I haven't had a dog for 2 years+ sad I know but can't seem to take them out

  63. Nikki Webber says

    strangest thing in my handbag is a dummy although my lil one stopped having one over a year ago lol x

  64. Sharon says

    Theres nothing strange in there at the moment .. its just full of tablets and half a ton of old receipts

  65. says

    I've always got random things in my handbag but my latest things I've found been a whole range of toy cars that my youngest must have put in there. I keep forgetting to take them out.

  66. Jenny Rogers says

    Not really bizarre, just always have tissues. Am quite well known for it, as in ask Jenny she'll have a tissue.

  67. Jane English says

    I've got a screwdriver in my bag, taking it to my friends tonight but its been in since she asked for it last Sunday night.
    If I hadn't put it in then I would have forgotten all about it!

  68. Tracey Anne Berry says

    Dog biscuits! It seems that everywhere I go – friends, family, shopping – I always seem to meet up with a dog (or cats – they like them 2) so like 2 give them a little treat (Im like that bad grandparent that fills ur kids with sugar, arent I? LOL)

  69. olivia b says

    The strangest thing in my bag is an old cinema ticket, it was the first time my partner took me out on date and it reminds me of when we first got together. I cherish it and always carry it with me πŸ™‚

  70. Deborah Bird says

    I've just looked LOL, and the most bizarre thing in there at the moment is a part off a McDonalds toy! Quite good for me really, i sometimes have alsorts in there! I once pulled out a toy car on a night out in the pub haha x

  71. sairz eastham says

    a manky lolipop that im sure has been there for more than a year :O
    suprised it hasnt wandered out on grown legs

  72. Lemknip Pink says

    A 'treasure stone' from a beach in Wales. It's nothing special, just small, plain and white, but my son gave it to me so I carry it everywhere

  73. Alexandra McGahey says

    I always carry this small colourful stone with me I found outside when I were still at primary school around 14 years ago! Don't really know why!

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