Goose Bedding (Review)

I seem to post a lot of photos of my son asleep in his toddler bed; mainly because I can't believe how quickly he is growing and changing, where did the last three years go? However, it's no wonder that I was asked to review a duvet set, and more recently a bedding set.

The Boy was sent a feather duvet and pillow set from Goose, who have created a range of feather and duck down bedding for our little goslings!

I'll put my hands up now and admit to having always disliked sleeping under feather duvets, mainly because my one main experience was in my inlaws' house and I always found that the feathers slumped down to the bottom of the cover overnight, leaving my feet boiling and my shoulders freezing.

However, when I read about the 'technology' behind Goose bedding, I was happy to give it a go and be proven wrong. Anything to try and keep The Boy sleeping longer in the morning, and for us to regain the hours of sleep that we crave.

I'm a big fan of sleep and will happily sleep anywhere, but it transpires that for us to get the best quality sleep (which is after all what we want for our little ones to help them grow) we need to maintain an even body and skin temperature. It seems obvious when stated, but clearly when we get too cold or too hot it disturbs our sleep and we either throw off the duvet covers or try and snuggle in more. In the middle of the night, when our body temperature drops, this is even more important. The natural materials (like the lightweight 100% cotton casing and 100% down fillings) used in Goose bedding result in reduced moisture levels (approximately 80% of perspired moisture during sleep is transported through the duvet and evaporates; the duvet acts like a filter in a way), helping to maintain the right temperature and a better quality, deeper sleep. And because they use natural materials, they are more breathable; down fillings offer three or four more air circulation than synthetic fibres, making it lightweight, breathable and allowing moisture (and nasty bacteria) to escape more easily.

With a family history of eczema and asthma, allergies are something that concerns me. However, most allergies come from house or dust mites (or rather their excrement), but they are nigh on impossible to avoid with modern living arrangements. The advantage to Goose duvets in this case, is that dust mites do not feed on feather or down. The tightly woven casing of the duvet works as a barrier preventing the house dust mites from penetrating the fabric, and stops the down from sticking in little (human) bodies while they sleep.

children's duvets

The photo on the right looks a little odd, but I wanted to show this to you. When I help the duvet up to shake it out, the light shone through and I realised that at regular intervals all over the duvet outer, there are small sections sewn together which obviously hold the shape correctly. Furthermore, they prevent the feathers from working their way down to the bottom. Impressive.

Both the pillow and the duvet are fluffy and plump, much softer than the normal bedding that The Boy has on his bed. We put them on his bed on Friday night and it's like a miracle; he has slept soundly every night since, waking up after 7.30am each morning! The Boy is obviously very comfortable while asleep, and I've noticed that the pillow retains its shape really well during his nightime gymnastics (which are also less as he sleeps more soundly).

I like the plumpness of the bedding, the quality feel to it, the fact that it's breathable and helps him to sleep better. It's also machine washable, making it practical with a pre-schooler. The duvet is perfect for his toddler bed, measuring 120x150cm, and is a 4 tog duvet which is great for all-year round bedding.

And what better review point can I make than highlighting that my son is sleeping longer in the morning?

The Goose down duvet (4 Tog) measuring 120x150cm costs £48 and the feather & down pillow measuring 57x35cm costs £18. Available from Goose Bedding and Not On The High Street.

I was sent this set for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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