With Grace and Beauty…

A few months ago I was lucky enough to discover the wonderous world of MiaTui Bags. Not a change-bag, not a hand-bag, not a beach-bag, not an overnight-bag, but in fact all of these things and so, so much more. The charming Charlotte who is the mastermind behind the company sent me an Amelie to review and I was smitten. Nothing else has adorned my shoulder (aside from clothes, clearly) for the past few months. If you want to know why, have a read of this review.

Therefore, when she whispered to me that she was designing two more bags to extend the range, I whispered back to her that I wanted to see a sneaky photo. I clearly didn't whisper loudly enough because she quite rightly ignored me until they were ready to be launched. That day has descended upon us and I am excited. When I heard mention on twitter the other day that it was coming, I whipped over to the MiaTui site and ooh-ed and aah-ed over the beauty that is Ava and the gorgeousness that is Grace. Declaring to Charlotte that I needed a Grace in my life and that I couldn't wait for D-Day, she asked which was my favourite colour.

The next day, I had a surprise delivery. It genuinely was a surprise (I know people say that all the time but this was! She already had my address from before); I wasn't expecting her to have sent me one at all.

Isn't it gorgeous? Now this has rapidly become my favourite 'me' bag. The bag that I don't need to take oodles out for. The one that won't need to contain a change of clothes, 4 nappies, 2 SIGG bottles, a jigsaw set, a bag of snacks, a first aid kit, suncream, my purse, the iPod, the FlipCam, a digital camera, my section with ladies doo-dahs in it, keys, a colouring pad, crayons, cutlery set, socks, wipes, bibs, a cardigan (for him not me) and a waterproof coat. Yes that's right. That's what I have in my Amelie bag.

This one has so much less in it. While I still keep wipes and pants (and one pull-up) in it, I won't need everything else if it is just a 'pop-to-the-shop' jaunt. Better still, because there is a zip-up clutch bag in the Grace, I can put the pants and wipes in there and remove them when The Boy is not around!

I like several things about the Grace (well I like everything, but several things make it stand out):

  • the fact that the tan colourway is canvas (as is the red)
  • the adjustable length strap, not just which hole the buckle goes through, but that it actually can be an across the body messenger-bag or an under-arm handbag

I am seriously in love with my Grace bag: the colour of the canvas is very me, with a vibrant splash of my favourite colour blue inside; the different pockets; it sits beautifully underneath my fat arms; it's washable; and it's just beautiful!

The tan canvas bag is available for a really reasonable price of £34.99, whilst the red canvas bag is £29.99 (shhh, don't tell hubby but I'm thinking of investing in one!). There are also black, purple and brown leather-effect bags at £39.99.

However, I have got a 10% discount code so you can save yourself a fair amount on these bags. Enough for a Caramel Coffee Frappucino (as The Boy would say!)

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