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Talking about last week's theme, Tara said:

I promised I'd follow (it) up with a nice easy one; give you a week off; ease off with the brain power required.
Well I lied.

This week's theme is: My Blog.
A photograph which sums up your blog. Simple as that (bwaha ha ha ha ha).

Oh that woman is a demon with the themes!

And so I bring you a photograph of The Boy and, well,  Me! I did try and tell him about my antennae but he didn't listen!

(You very, very almost had a real photo of me with The Boy. In actual fact, I published it for all of two minutes until I freaked out and took it down!)

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  1. KatieB says

    That's a lovely photo, shame it isn't one of the real you – oh well I suppose we'll just have to wait for you to get drunk again!! He he x


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