An 'Easter Egg' 365 – 'Who are you?' (110a/365)

I've cheated slightly with this post. It was going to be my entry into The Gallery but two minutes after publishing it, I bottled it and changed the image. I don't know why I felt so panicking about having this photograph up in The Gallery; I suspect that it is because then I was confirming my identity and I do like to stay anonymous. As far as I am aware my family and friends do not know about my blog and I want to keep it that way. Being a teacher in a small-town where I grew up, I do not have my own anonymity in real-life. This blog is my haven, my blue-skied peaceful life where everything is in soft focus and peachy. I actually really like this photograph of The Boy and Me, even in this heavily edited guide.

I know that my 365 is supposed to be a photo taken on that day, and this one clearly wasn't. But a) I wanted to share it with you, and b) I think some of my loyal readers and twitter folks deserve to know who I am. Even if I am just some blurry pixels hiding behind a giant pair of Jackie O's!

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