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I've had mild hysterics this afternoon. It resulted in frantic phonecalls to my husband, various engineers, and in the result of nothing else working, my mum who I cried at.

For the past month the freezer has been leaking steadily. Throughout the day there would be a gentle and occasional drip onto the lino (toddler safe!) below. Husband was notified of this and he said, "oh it's probably just a bit blocked, it needs defrosting." I reassured him that I believed it to be more than that, as the freezer is a frost-free model. Well at lunchtime I took The Boy's food out of the freezer and found it was quite as rock-solid as it should be, just as the milk in the fridge wasn't quite as the 3°C symbol on the display was leading me to believe.

Having emptied out all the food in the freezer (which is now currently sat in one of husband's colleagues own freezer, hope they're not having a party!), I was faced with removing the fridge poetry from the front. Either the repairman could fix it or we'd need a new fridge/freezer. If it was the former, it would be in his way, so needed to come off, and I don't need to explain the latter to you.

Problem is that those mini-poems and meandering thoughts have been written over the past nearly two years; since The Boy was born. So actually they're quite significant to us and I can remember when we wrote them. Like the time exhaustion had kicked in as new-parents and we'd discovered the wonders of Starbucks. Or the time that we weren't very impressed with The Boy's Christmas presents so we'd written a little note for nosey people to hint at them.

Either way, I thought I'd share them (click for a closer look).

What's on your fridge?

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  1. says

    Is this another meme but instead of what's in your fridge it's what's on your fridge??
    Hope you get your fridge/freezer sorted soon, especially in this weather

  2. Mammywoo says

    I love the 'see my belly' haha brilliant. on my fridge is nothing as it isn't magnetic, but on the notice board on the side of it, I have my mothers day card made by Addison on his first day of nursery. Hope you sort the freezer out soon, ours pisses all over the floor on a daily basis! *calls dad to ask what to do* worried now!!

  3. Jennie says

    How funny! Our fridge freezer is broken and I have to defrost it all and clean it and try to get it working properly again. We have the same poetry magnets on our fridge too x

  4. says

    Oh wow they're great!! We don't have anything stuck on ours cos it's not magnetic and the cupboards are brand new so I don't want to stick things on them yet but I have noticeboards full of stuff. Funnily enough everytime I stand to look at my noticeboard I get wet feet because my washing machine is leaking on the floor 🙁

  5. John says

    "You will bring…a brilliant present…not a crap one" LOL!

    As for my fridge, there's nothing – it's under the counter where Thomas can reach everything, so anything stuck to it is removed and examined. The boiler however has several magnets which keep him occupied when I'm warming his milk in the microwave 🙂

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