'Fun Food For Children' Pinterest Collaborative Board

A little over a year ago I sent a desperate plea out on twitter for some assistance in trying to get The Boy to eat his food. He was messing around at mealtimes and doing as much as possible to avoid eating. I soon discovered that it was a control issue as well as partly boredom. Time to start getting creative with his meals!

Steam Train children's meal

Since then I've had to use this technique every so often to engage him in his meals and get him eating properly. It helps and if I'm honest it's quite fun trying to come up with new ideas.

However as I'm not very inventive with 'food art', I've started a collaborative Pinterest board where members can 'pin' fun and engaging presentational ideas to entice our children to eat.

Fun Food for Children Pinterest board

If you'd like to follow the Pinterest board, you can find the link here. If you'd like to join the board and help create a catalogue of presentational ideas on 'Fun Food for Children', let me know in the comments below and I'll add you. The ideas don't need to come from your own blog, they can be pins from other sites or repins internally.

Let's get those children eating!

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  1. says

    I'm already following the board, you have some great pins on there. I have a Children's Food board myself which has similar ideas. Happy to be added as a collaborator on yours too.

  2. says

    i love this board! it's the one I recommended to a friend on twitter last week i think. i seriously need to do more with the pob's food. he is becoming really distracted and not eating nearly as much. I am off to get some inspiration…

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