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Each week there is a certain television programme that Mr. TBaM insists on watching. I groan and pull faces galore about it, and then agree under duress stipulating the condition that we 'fast forward through the boring techy bits'. It's a ritual that we do this, it's also ridiculous because we both enjoy Top Gear for what it is; the opportunity to laugh at three middle-aged men having a midlife crisis and playing with cars. That's not necessarily a negative thing, it speaks to the petrol head in all of us, and even the 'boring' bits are interesting sometimes.

My favourite part of the entire thing is the 'Star in the Reasonably Priced Car', and this series the car that they are using is the Kia C'eed, which is proving incredibly popular with the stars and producing good times around the track. Messrs. Clarkson, Hammond and May have run a thorough test on this car and it actually comes out with a really good review.



But like I said, they're (past) middle-aged men and not the average car owner. And while the Kia C'eed performs well on the track for their guests, it's hardly the everyday circuit of shopping, the school run or family days out. Which is why it's more important to actually have an opinion from people who know what it's like to drive Kia cars in 'real life' situations. This is where Reevoo comes in useful.

Reevoo is an impartial reviews website which has teamed up with Kia to host a plethora of independent reviews on Kia cars; genuine, unbiased reviews written by real car owners. All reviews are independently verified and written by real customers and Kia car-owners which provide the low down on what's good and what's not. This helps to simplify the car buying process, making it easier to find the best Kia vehicle for the customer's needs. Consumers nowadays are interested in real opinions, the hits I get on my blog for children's toys are testiment to that, buying a car is an even bigger commitment than a children's train set and clearly needs more research. I can't think of a better place to go and find out about a car that I'm thinking of buying than to read honest opinions all housed under one site.

This kind of commitment to customer satisfaction is exactly why Kia was named Car Manufacturer of the Year 2012 by Which?.


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    Funny as wrote a sponsored post last month about wanting a Kia 4×4 but wasn't for Kia. Should be approved soon. They are fabulous cars aren't they!

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