The Grass is Always Greener!

That's pretty isn't it?


I always thought I had a nice lawn but according to the lovely man from Green Thumb just because it's green doesn't mean it's a good lawn. So look at that picture and tell me what's wrong with it?

If you guessed that 75% of it is made up of clover, you'd be right. If you also guessed that there is a further 10% of other weeds in it, you'd be right. Now I'm no mathematician but even I can work out that that leaves me  with only 15% of my lawn being grass.

As a part of the Bosch Garden Makeover Challenge, we will receive two lawn treatments. Which, quite frankly bearing in mind what the lovely fellow from Green Thumb told me on Friday, is just as well! I never knew that lawns were so complicated. Surely you just keep them watered and mown? No, no, no! You also need to aeriate them (which they did for me), scarify them (!) and preferably give them some lawn treatments. Many of the DIY lawn treatments just kill the leaves, the Green Thumb treatments get right to the root of the problem (ha, see what I did there?).

I expressed my concerns that in four weeks time, the lawn would look a little naff to put it bluntly, but I was reassured that whilst that may happen temporarily, the fertiliser that they put down would help the grass to grow.

Green Thumb recommend four treatments a year and at only £15 (starting price) a time, I think that's quite good value for money, especially to have the ability to walk barefoot in emerald grass in the summer.

Meanwhile, our tools from Bosch have arrived. I love gadgets and we have two new ones! A cordless strimmer for Mr. TheBoyandMe to use, and an Isio Cordless Shape and Edge (for me, although hubby is having kittens with my safety: I'm known for saying, "I'll be fine" and then cutting myself).

Now, Mr. TheBoyandMe need not worry because while I am a klutz, I'm not a complete idiot with garden tools (that's why I've chosen him a cordless strimmer), and neither are Bosch. The Isio Cordless Shape and Edge is really nifty and has a brilliant safety catch on it which means it stops if you release the pressure on either of the switches. It also has an edging tool for the lawn which is going to save hubby from having to manually cut them with shears and comes in a nifty metal storage case. I'm going to test it out on the lavender and rosemary bushes that line the drive, I've left it until now so that the bees get their fill of them, but now they are gargantuam.

Wish me luck!

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I'll admit that I do actually like the clover, especially the purple stuff that's started growing at the bottom of the garden. It's more the dandelions etc.

  1. says

    Green Thumb have done an amazing job with our Lawn…just 4 treatments per year & we have never gone for any of the recommended options, lawn is lush & green, maybe the odd patch in need of some scarification!
    They will work wonders on that clover!

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