Flexibath (Review)

When we went on holiday at the beginning of August, I wrongly assumed that the family-friendly self-catering apartment we were staying in would have a bath in one of the two 'bath'rooms. More fool me! We ended up having to buy a big plastic tub from a supermarket for him to bathe in; it was neither practical nor comfortable.

When we were given the opportunity to review a Flexibath a few weeks later, I almost jumped for joy because we were due to spend the weekend in a chain hotel which I knew didn't have a bath. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a stress-saver the Flexibath was! It fitted perfectly into the shower cubicle, filled up within two minutes and was compact. The accompanying bath toys were perfect to keep The Boy amused and entertained. It folded flat and stored easily in the car, taking up minimal space amongst the vast array of other items that such a small being needs!

Since that weekend a month ago, the Flexibath continues to be The Boy's bath of choice. He has a bath every other night and we used to fill the 'big' bath up with six inches of water; enough to cover his legs etc. and keep him warm but not too much to waste water. However, The Boy now chooses to have the 'little' bath 90% of the time. He has had no more than two baths in the 'big' bath in the past month.

For my inner eco-warrior, this is excellent news. We've measured and calculated the water. We fill the Flexibath up with 15 litres of water for The Boy, which provides the same depth of coverage as in the normal bath. The normal bath requires 60 litres of water for this!

So can you do the Maths? Over the past month, we have saved 630 litres of water!

The reasons why we love the Flexibath:

  • it folds flat and is stored easily
  • it uses a fraction of the water normally needed to bath a child
  • it has a non-slip base
  • there is a very-snug fitting plug to empty the water out (although we tend to scoop it out & water the house plants!)
  • it's bright and attractive
  • it is an essential for holidays!

As I've mentioned, Flexibath have introduced a set of bath toys to accompany the bath. These consist of a clear plastic shelf with suction cups for adhesion, a coffee/tea making set with colourful cups, jugs and a funnel. The toys which are soft and fun to play with, are made from the soft plastic used in the bath. They also work as probably some of the best bath toys that he's played with in the 'big' bath.

At only £29.95 for the Flexibath, and £13.95 for the bath toy-set I think these are essential additions for any trip, or eco-warrior who is conscious of the amount of water used at bath-times.

I was sent these items for review. My opinions are honest and unbiased.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    He does look very cute sat inside that little bath. They are a good idea and the saving water element especially. Trouble is my water babies would hate to have such a small area to play in – we do share baths here so I hope that goes towards limiting water use. Great review x


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