ShowOff ShowCase: The First One

When I started ShowOff ShowCase it was intended to be for three weeks only with three specific themes: Most Popular Post, The One That Should Have Done Better, and Favourite Post. Some very lovely people complained at me when I said that I wasn't going to be carrying it on, and through discussions with them I decided to carry the link-up going every fortnight alternating between The One That Should Have Done Better and a changeable themed post. Loyal bloggers link up every fortnight and for that I am truly grateful.

ShowOff ShowCase is a good opportunity to give old posts an airing and gain more readers and comments. It does rely on the contributors reading each other's posts, otherwise it's all a bit pointless.

One of the aspects that I like about it is that people contribute to the themes and I feel it builds up a little community of bloggers that I respect and enjoy reading. I've just asked on twitter if anyone has any ideas for this weekend's theme and the fabulous Dometic Goddesque has come up with the idea of The First One: your first post!

So fish it out; your first rambling post. Link it up below and let's see what people think. Are you a better writer? Are you worse?!

ShowOff ShowCase

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  1. tinuke says

    oh no I am obviously not awake yet – the Christmas prezzies post was not my first post! Please feel free to delete! Going to put the proper first one up now!!!

  2. says

    This is my first ever linky! – just over 2 weeks in. I think I've posted the link correctly – but am sorry, I haven't worked out how to put the showcase showoff badge on my page yet!

  3. says

    Great theme for this week's SOSC. It's always fascinated me what people wrote first. I've made a pledge to my wife to 'reclaim' our weekends because I've become rather unavailable through blogging of late, but I will have a god read of these tomorrow.

  4. says

    Brill idea – SOOOOO much is different since that first post (mainly the hormone induced HIGH of having just had a baby has gone and I know what having two small humans is REALLY like, having come crashing down to earth with PND!)


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