ShowOff ShowCase: The One About Play

The lovely Lauren at The Real HouseWife of Suffolk County recently pointed out that I post a fair amount about Learning Through Play. I've just done a search on my blog and she does appear to be right, there are 25 posts with that tag on my blog!

There's a reason for this; The Boy has reached the age where he is really beginning to discover his world and investigate how things work and interact. It's fascinating to watch, and with a small amount of careful guidance he can learn so much. My natural pedagogical instinct has kicked in slightly and I'm suddenly remembering all of my nursery nursing training which encourages learning through play.  Also, I'm a big kid and like toys.

This weekend, I want you to share your tales about play: cooking, painting, gardening, craft, playing with toys, beach trips, soft-play, pillow-fights, card games, team games, role-play, playing with teddies. You name it, I'd like you to link it up. Simply use the html to add the badge below to that post (you don't need to repost) and then enter your url below and feel the blog love.

Go on, Show Off The Ones About Play!


ShowOff ShowCase

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  1. jennie says

    I like you have lots of posts about toys and play @ Edspire. I think it is because of being a teacher and undertstanding the importance of play for our little ones in learning about the world around them and also because like you I am a big kid myself and I like to play. I am in good company with Esther and William, and with David too! Hope you are not finding the wait for Monday too long!!! This weekend I had to choose the Toyologist post over all my other play posts, it had to be the one to showcase this week. Thank you x

  2. says

    Can't agree with you more. Watching my children discover new textures, smells and noises, reminds me of the simpliest pleasures that we so often forget in the mad rush.
    Great idea for a showcase.
    Good luck for Monday too.

  3. says

    Lovely Lauren 😀 Thats me!
    One of my favourite things about your blog is the learning through play "promotion" and encouragement. Its definitely changed/improved my parenting angle.

  4. MummyMummyMum says

    Thanks for hosting!!! and good luck for monday!! i'll be waiting for the excited tweets! x

  5. maddydodo says

    Lovely idea for a carnival. One of the best things about having kids is how much they learn just by having fun!

  6. jennie says

    Great selections of posts again. I have now read all and commented on most. I love this linky! Can't wait to find out what the next topic will be x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Hi Zoe

      Thanks for leaving your link. The link has closed as it is only open for the weekend, however I've added yours to it. Thanks for sharing such a fab idea.


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