ShowOff ShowCase: The One About Play

A little blue bird might have tweeted at you that I've been shortlisted to be a Toys R Us Toyologist. Complete surprise, complete honour, completely nervous to find out the result on Monday! We had to review a toy, and I talked about how he liked to play with his Makin' Mud Pies kitchen. Those avid readers of my blog (all two of you) will know that I like to blog about learning through play, so this was an ideal opportunity for me to jabber on.

Therefore in honour of that amazing art form where your children make sense of the world in which they live, your theme this weekend is:



The One About Play


I'd like you to link up one of your posts about playing. No, don't worry it doesn't have to be deep and heavy, it doesn't have to discuss the educational benefits, it doesn't have to do any of that. It can just be about you and your children having fun together playing in the mud, or with a pillow, or in the woods, or at the park, or at soft-play. With paint, with water, dolls, action men, inaction men (my brother took apart my action man and couldn't get his second leg back on. I swear I had the world's only one-legged action man!).

Let's show off our posts about play and share some ideas.

Linky opens at 8am on Saturday and will close sometime around 10pm on Sunday, when I remember or when HimUpNorth has finally found an entry.

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