Alternative April

When I started thinking about my entry for The Gallery this week, I decided to do a collage of all of the photos that I thought best represented what April meant to me. I then re-read the brief and it said a photograph so I decided to stick to what Tara wanted and just pick one photograph.

However, having seen a few other entries from people and also realising that this is my blog and I can put whatever content on that I want to (without sounding like a petulant schoolchild), I decided to bugger it and post my original entry into The Gallery. These photos best represent our April, which was fantastic!

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  1. jennie says

    Just wonderful! It is hard to capture a whole month on one photo expecially when you are as busy as we are!! It makes me realise how much we achieved in a relatively short space of time and how much fun we had! Looks like your April was busy and fun too x Lovely photos and beautifully collated x

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