In order to show a retrospective look at the past month, Tara has set us this challenge:

This week's theme is: April.
Can you capture this month in a photograph? Be it bunting, street parties, holidays, hot weather or none of the above.

Now, there I was busy assembling a nice little montage of the best photos of April when I thought I'd double-check the brief. Ah, a photograph. That tends to mean one doesn't it? Right start again and check the many snaps that I've taken.

This epitomises the past month. We've had amazing fun playing in the garden in the most beautiful weather, and The Boy has learnt a whole range of new skills learning through his play. We've planted seeds, watered the seeds, got "soaky wet" whilst playing with the hose. It's been so enjoyable and I can't wait for the rest of the summer, and to see The Boy exploring and learning about the world around him.

Now pop over to The Gallery and look at the other entries into this week's Gallery.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Burton has loved being outside and playing recently too.
    Your photo is great for summing up April. It's gorgeous πŸ™‚

  2. says

    After such a long winter staying in, it was great to let the kids get outside and enjoy the sunshine, wasn't it? It's been too freezing for them to play with water, so this is a perfect shot. Lovely.

  3. says

    Ah your reading is better than mine…I did a few photo's (oops) but I have checked with Tara before and she said it's ok!

    What a great little set that is…does it really poor out water? How cool where is that from?

    Love it! x

  4. says

    Opps- Another one who can't read! *blush* Or maybe I can just blagg it and say the answer to that question must be 'no'!
    Another one here who wants to know what the water table is!

  5. says

    That is a perfect pic, it certainly does April justice with the amazing weather we had.

    Oh, and is that actual water coming out of that tap, the Little Man would be jealous ;-)!

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