Inbox Delights

Since entering into the twilight zone of twitter and blogging, I have been amazed by the warmth and support that is shown in the community. I've encountered people that I am pretty sure I would consider friends in real-life, and have come to regard one or two of these with real affection (you know who you are Missy!).

Every day when I wake up, I spend my initial waking moments checking my phone (like a mad woman whilst hubby is cursing me for not getting a move on. He should know by now that it takes me at least ten minutes to come 'to'); twitter first, then my e-mail. Amongst the detritus of marketing and offers are always nestled some little treasures; two-minute snapshots into people's lives. It is such a pleasure to read about their highs and lows, the adventures that their little ones have been up to, to share in their pain or joy, to be able to comment and offer support.

With that thought, I have decided to share with you my Inbox Delights; those blogs that I will always read every post of, and make a concerted effort to comment as often as I can.


This blog makes me roar with laughter, yet cry with compassion for Lexy's plight in experiencing PND. I have the utmost admiration that she has the guts to share her feelings when she is suffering; the more publicity that any form of depression gets is a positive step in helping non-sufferers to understand it. Aside from that Lexy, is absolutely hilarious, and her post on trying to buy nappies in Spain is a must!


I adore @Susurem's style of writing, and her frankness about many a subject. As a fellow teacher, I find some of the posts extremely relevant and interesting. Susanne has turned her stories about the birth of her children into a positive thing by creating Maternity Matters with Jayne from Mum's the Word. Both inspirational women are working hard to insure that no-one else has a 'birth trauma' story to tell.

The Crazy Kitchen

Helen is such a dedicated mum to her three children and I love reading about the trials and tribulations of life with her 2 year old little boy, who is very similar to my own bundle of cheekiness. Always full of craft ideas, I love reading about her light-hearted life.

The Moiderer

Now I know, you're reading that in a thick Glaswegian accent like Taggart aren't you? No, she's not a serial killer; to moider is to chat randomly or incessantly. Life with the Little One is quite entertaining and her Saturday Snapshots prove her to be a wonderwoman; how on Earth she fits that much in, I'll never know!

Now, I'd love it if those four lovely ladies above were to complete the same thing as I have just done; which blogs do they look forward to? Doesn't have to be four, can just be one. You also don't have to wait to be tagged to take part. Pinch the html for the funky button and join in the blog-celebration.

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  1. WelshMum says

    It is great that you have managed to find potential real-life friends in this new world. I have only been involved in this world since January and I know what you mean about the sense of community – it is fabulous!


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