Project 365 (2018): Days 7 – 32

Well, look at me! The chilled out 365-er who hasn't posted weekly. I haven't even got a photo a day either! I've missed about three days this month, probably because they were a Tuesday and I was knackered after work. The world still turns though, who cares if I've missed a day? I've still taken way more photos than I have been doing over the past year.

days 7-13

Days 7 – 13: I spotted a very complex maze book which I snapped up for The Boy, and he was suitably challenged by it! More challenged than he is by the Rubik's Cube which he learnt how to solve and can manage in 3 minutes 18 seconds (to be honest it's probably quicker than that now as he doesn't stop fiddling with the damn thing!), and marginally more challenging that learning how to bowl without the aid of the ramp at his cousin's bowling birthday party. Only once did the ball end up in the next lane. Wedged. The children in my class this week were also challenged; take photographs of the school building from interesting angles and I showed them this photo of the wall as an example.

days 14-20

Days 14 – 20: Another week with a day missing, Monday this time! On the Sunday we went to watch the really lovely film 'Coco' in the cinema; I highly recommend it if you've not seen it. I've started a DT club in my school which I'm running for my son's year group so of course he had to join in; we're making a cam-shaft toy and the children are very excited to be using saws! We popped to the library and perused the Harry Potter display but didn't take anything out. We won't let him read past book three at the moment, and he's got a copy of the first batch of the series so no need to borrow a copy.I popped my Subway cherry; an interesting experience but not overly amazing and I'd much rather have a Starbucks in the car wash! And finally we've been enjoying my husband's record player which I bought him for Christmas.

days 21-27Days 21 – 27: I've lost another day this week, think it was Monday again so that should go some way to showing my state of mind on a Monday evening! Sunday involved lazing around and playing Minecraft in bed. My son progressed with his cam-shaft toy in DT club, he's coming along brilliantly with his piano practise and I'm so proud of him. A lily just because I like them. And let's chuck some crochet in there as well! This is a baby blanket for a colleague and it's going to be a rainbow blanket.

days 28 - 2

Days 28 – 32: Not another missing day, don't worry! I haven't taken today's yet and until I go to sleep I count that as today, I'm going for a sleeping boy photo. This week has involved helping daddy re-lay some paving slabs on the drive, midnight cuddles with mummy in bed, and a rather spectacular Super-Blood-Blue-Moon which was neither red or blue but was pretty supertacular! The rainbow blanket progresses (in fact I've just finished the blues section and am moving onto the purples), my lilies look rather beautiful in silhouette, and when I send him upstairs to get ready for school I actually end up with him reading on his bed. When did he get so long?!

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  1. says

    Gorgeous photos! Love his skills with the Rubik's cube and piano. I think it's very sensible not to let him read past book 3 in Harry Potter – the first three books are like children's books, but the last four are definitely a lot darker! Although I suspect my younger son probably read them at 7 or 8, just because his big brother was reading them…

  2. says

    The DT club sounds really interesting and just the sort of thing my son would love too. Well done on standing your ground on Harry Potter – we found that once started it was hard to stop. However, it was actually book 2 that proved scariest for my son, so you can never tell what will be a problem.

  3. says

    Ahh! Who cares if you missed some days, it's nice to see your photos again!!
    It looks like you have had a busy time…
    I really want to see Coco. I think it will be a cinema trip in the school holidays for us 😀 x

  4. says

    The DT club sounds like fun, and this is where teachers come into their own giving up their free time and yet people still complain about so many of them, above and beyond so well done to you.
    Glad you have managed to catch up.
    Hope the birthday boy had a good day and The Boy enjoyed the party.
    Wow at the rubiks cube, I never mastered it in 3 years let alone 3 minutes.

  5. says

    I hope The boy had the best day for his birthday. I am glad you are enjoying the laid-back approach you are having. Well done to the boy on mastering the Rubik's cube, I know my oldest is doing this with an app. Glad you caught up lovely xx

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