Interplay Powered Hovercraft (Review)

The Boy has really reached the inquisitive stage with his toys, and by that I mean the 'let's take this apart and see how it works' stage. You know the one, it's very much the same as the 'Mummy, this doesn't work anymore' stage, and the 'Mummy! Could you help me fix this please?' stage. (I remember my brother hitting this stage, he took apart my his Action Man, couldn't get both legs back on it and we had to rechristen it InAction Man due to his one-leggedness).

Therefore when we offered the chance to review the Powered Hovercraft from Interplay, we jumped at the chance! An opportunity for The Boy to make his own powered toy, learn how it fits together, and then not need to take it apart again after? Yes please!


The powered hovercraft has many different parts to it to be joined together with paper fasteners, which really allowed The Boy to exercise his engineering skills and develop his fine motor skills. Wires needed to be fixed into the high-powered engine in order for it to power the hovercraft and an inflatable skirt could be added to aid its path across smooth surfaces. This skirt is optional, which was just as well as The Boy and his daddy missed putting it on in the right place and it would have been quite a lot of work to undo it and fit it. At six years old, The Boy was too young to make this on his own and needed help to fix the parts together, however it is aimed at 8yrs+ so it's understandable that help was needed.

The hovercraft moves quite well across a smooth surface like a table, and it was able to glide across the kitchen floor with a little nudge  to get it started. It's quite similar to the movement of a puck gliding across an air hockey table and it certainly amused them for quite some time.


The powered hovercraft is available from Interplay for £19.99.

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