Days 136 – 142 of Project 366

Days 136 - 142 of Project 366

136: I've not taken a photo of the moon in ages, and it was looking pretty spectacular today!

137: Trying to catch up on my Sky Blanket after my first day back in work. Utterly exhausted.

138: More crochet, this is a commission for a work friend; she ordered two rainbow blankets before I broke my wrist and I've not had the ability to finish them until lately.

139: My wrist is doing so well, I need to keep remembering that when I feel it's useless.

140: A hot and bothered boy after school today.

141: So many photos I could have shared today; The Boy's atrocious haircut, me driving a car for the first time in eight weeks, playing in the park, etc. Instead I've gone for one of my longest friend's fourth baby. She was a home birth on Tuesday and is absolutely tiny, but cor she's got a pair of lungs on her!

142: Back to Hendrewennol for strawberry picking! Yes it rained, so we were the only ones there and had amazing fun! So much so that we've booked The Boy's birthday party for there.

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  1. says

    I am so glad your hand is healing up, and doing well, it was a nasty break, I think!
    Those strawberries look amazing and that baby looks like it's got a VERY healthy set of lungs! πŸ™‚

  2. says

    Love the screwed up howling baby face, beautiful even like that. A home birth sounds good, I always wanted one but was not allowed for medical reasons.
    That looks like appropriate footwear for wet strawberry picking.
    I am sure your friend will understand about the blanket being delayed.

  3. says

    Good to see you on the mend. Take it easy with the crochet though, it'll take time for the muscles to get strong again.
    I bet driving again was great for the soul!

  4. says

    glad your wrists is back to normal and allowing you to drive now. I didn't realise that strawberry picking season was under way – we always go during the school holidays in the summer!
    blimey 4th baby – i struggle with two kids! Your blankets really are beautiful x

  5. says

    The sky blanket looks so beautiful. I'd never heard of the idea before you talked about it and I have to admit I still didn't quite click but it's so gorgeous. Look at the cute baby, sooo lovely and looks so tiny πŸ™‚

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