Days 173 – 179 of Project 365

Days 173 - 179 of Project 365

173. Golden Hour (Off to the beach for some wonderful later afternoon playing in the sunshine, and I managed to capture The Boy during the 'golden hour' of sunlight in the evening. Obviously, I like this photo because of my son's actions, but I also really like the toddling baby and mother silhouetted in the background.)

174. Rash (I'm a bit fed up of him being ill now. He's had a rash on his legs for three weeks now, looked like a heat rash or friction or something at first, but over the weekend it spread all over his legs and his torso. I took him to the doctor, a locum, who was quite thorough in his assessment even testing for diabetes (eeek!) but in the end he felt he'd had a scarlet fever relapse and prescribed 10 days of antibiotics and 24 hours off school. My poor boy and his atrocious attendance this year, I can't believe how many illnesses he's had! The only way to cool down on a hot day like this when you have a rash all over is in the pool of course!)

175. Ant's View (We finally finished off a craft activity which I've had on the go for over six months. More to follow. Needless to say, all they really need is a cardboard box and some cars!)

176. Personal Space (The Boy has started to ask if he can play in his room, which is both lovely and slightly sad. It means I might get some more storage back downstairs but makes me a little sad that I'll have to go and seek him out to spend time with him. All part of growing up though, and it makes me happy that he's so content in his bedroom.)

177. Sleeping (The rather fabulous Alison from Five Go Blogging was slightly concerned that The Boy's new high bed would put an end to the sleeping child photos, not at all as it just means I don't have to bend down to take the photo now!)

178. The Tongue of Concentration (A little after school play with a birthday LEGO set and the old familiar tongue of concentration makes a reappearance!)

179. Sneaky (I don't know what you're talking about?! We certainly would never eat a strawberry before we had paid for it!)

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  1. says

    You've created such an awesome room for your boy, no wonder he likes to play in it! He looks so like you in that red t-shirt. Yum to strawberry season!

  2. says

    I love that first photo! Lovely! Also the one of the boy playing in his new room and of him eating the strawberry! We must take ours strawberry picking! Great round up!

  3. says

    I always love your beach and sleeping photos but that strawberry picking one us fab too. Poor boy. Hope he feels much better soon, it's not much fun being poorly x

  4. says

    Love the concentration tongue! So funny.

    We went strawberry picking – I'd told N not to eat any, but he had one after the people in the next row of plants told him he had to test them. Fresh from the field are the best tasting!

  5. says

    Aww The Boy's room looks so awesome, he must love spending time in there. So sorry he's been poorly again, hopefully that's the end of it now. Love the first and last photos especially. Just lovely 🙂

  6. says

    I adore the angle of the craft construction. If you were closer I would send you the packaging from my new toaster immediately. Lots of potential there. As for the concentration tongue, my boy still has it at 16

  7. says

    uhm we *may* have eaten several strawberries wihtout paying for them!!!
    the light and look of joy on the boy face in the sea is delightful and i love seeing him play in his room. it is sooo tidy!! love seeing the tongue of concentration
    and i really hope he will be better after this current lot of anti biotics x

  8. says

    That first photo is really stunning. I can't blame him for wanting to spend time in his bedroom, it looks so amazing. Ah yes the tongue of concentration, I know it well. I must take my lot fruit picking, we have never been.

  9. says

    The beach 'golden hour' is gorgeous. I love beach pictures.
    Sorry that he has been ill again, I hope that's the last of it now!
    Love the strawberry picking/eating pic. Yet to try this activity with my two. x

  10. says

    Golden hour indeed! Super silhouette – reminds me of "Lucy and Tom go to the seaside". Sorry that himself has been unwell again and hope this will have sorted it out now. Hurrah for making such a fab room that he wants to be in it (nice problem)

  11. says

    love the trail of splashing behind him in the sea, and the mother and toddler are very "topical" for you as you are watching your boy grow ever more independent this week. (dont worry he will still need you for a long time yet)
    Love his face as he eats the strawberry, and nice to know we can still get sleeping pics.

  12. says

    So lucky to have the beach so close.
    The Boy must feel confident in his own company, shows he has the skill set to play alone and keep occupied.
    My oldest boy used to play on our landing for hours with his road mat, cars, trains and models.

  13. says

    That first photo is stunning! And I love the look of the finished "project" – look forward to hearing more. Just been seeing your tweets and have to say it sounds like a horrid experience – hope you sleep better tonight, knowing there's nothing likely to eat you x

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