Personalised LEGO Birthday Party Invitation

I like themes for birthday parties, and when we decided to have a joint birthday party with The Boy's best friend, the theme was set of a LEGO party. Suitable invitations seemed quite elusive so I lost myself in Pinterest for a few hours, found a number of ideas for inspiration, and set to making our own personalised invitations.

Personalised LEGO birthday party invitation - editable

  • The first thing I did was find two suitable LEGO figures, place them on one of the base boards with another behind to create a background and photograph the scene.
  • Next I cropped this down in Picmonkey to ensure that I had quite a tight image, focusing on the two main figures and allowing space above for the boys' nameplates.

Personalised LEGO party invitation

  • I found an amazing tutorial from Persia Lou showing how to make text look like the LEGO logo using GIMP. I was slightly alarmed at first about having to use the software, but the tutorial is wonderful and breaks it down step-by-step. I have since used it for his cake, thank you cards, and for the party bags. The 'LEGOthick' font is available to download here and is most effective when used only as capitals. I created the two boys' names together on a bright red background to make it look like the logo.
  • In Publisher, I overlaid the name plate onto the background, and then used the 'Browallia New' font to replicate the font used on the boxes to list the party details and RSVP details.

The personalised LEGO birthday party invitation is available to download as an editable Word document (wordpress won't let me upload Publisher documents!)

How to make a LEGO birthday party invitation

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  1. says

    Wow! I'm impressed at the amount of work that went into this and at the finished result! The boy is very lucky indeed.

  2. Kim says

    THANK YOU so very much for taking the time to share this awesome invite!!! How very kind of you! Now if I can only figure out how to change the name from BILL & BEN I'll be set! Thank you!!

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