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We're never happier than when we're outside exploring the natural environment. We have a few favourite places around the area which we know we could happily while away an hour or two at, with plenty of things to see and so. This Spring I've noticed that The Boy is becoming fascinated with more than just the superficial surroundings and wants to know more about the creatures that live there, and to become a proper explorer.

Little Explorers 1

I was recently asked if I would like to receive an item from Mothercare's new Spring and Summer clothing range, along with 'a few other bits'. I'm a fan of their clothing anyway, so said yes willingly. I was pleasantly surprised when this is what arrived!

Mothercare & ELC

Completely catering to the ethos of 'letting children be children' and to get mucky and explore, the safari badge shirt is robust and of a good quality cotton, thin enough cotton to not overheat the best jungle explorer in the Summer! It also has very cute Scout style accomplishment badges sewn onto it, sets the tone of a 'little explorer' straight away.

However, it's the other items which have really appealed to The Boy and I had never anticipated how much they would direct his outdoor play. Every time we go out now, this explorer kit comes with us.

Exploring Kit

The wrap-around rucksack has a walkie-talkie set, working compass watch and bug hunting set inside of it. we've ditched binoculars which come with the actual bag as they weren't very effective and use the more powerful pair, and he's also got his bird book inside of it.

He is obsessed with the bird book!

Last Friday we nipped down to the nature reserve to blow the cobwebs away after school as we were both a bit tetchy, and he used it to identify three different types of birds (there's a picture index at the back) and then he read the information to me. Unaided! What a great way to encourage reading, and even more so because it's a non-fiction book which is relevant to real-life situations.

And of course the best bit about being an explorer is getting to use the walkie-talkies! I'm not sure who is more in love with them to be honest; The Boy or Mr. TBaM (I might like playing with them as well). However, it is great seeing the pair of them racing around the woods or park talking to each other. The Boy hasn't completely got the hang of them, but that makes it even more cute.

The Nature Detectives website from the Woodland Trust has a huge range of downloadable minibeast activity sheets, from ladybird identification sheets to a worm charming kit! Perfect for Little Explorers everywhere.

When we recently went to the local PYO for the Easter Egg Hunt, the set really came into full effect with a full collection of bugs rattling around the pot, birds spotted and identified and secret messages sent.

Little Explorer

This is what childhoods should be made of.

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I was sent these products for review. The Boy really is obsessed with bugs of all shapes and sizes now!

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    Gorgeous little boy and love that bird book, I had a similar one as a child and a Wild Flower book I still have today, I adored going on walks, exploring and cross referencing the birds and flowers to the books, such an important, memorable part of my childhood growing up in Ilkley, Yorkshire. Loved this post, took me right back, thank you x

  2. says

    What a great way to encourage children to explore and get out to experience nature. That kit does look good. My kids love taking their bug hunting kit out with them.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

  3. says

    What a fab little explorer and bug hunting kit! I can easily see what fun and adventure the boy was having and how it's a great tool for play and learning. Thanks for linking up and sharing his fun with Country Kids.


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