Hallowe'en At Hendrewennol

When you find somewhere that works for you as a family, it can be easy to over-visit and wear out your enthusiasm for the place. Hendrewennol is our new favourite place but we're quite fortunate that as it's a pick-your-own fruit farm it is quite seasonal and therefore we can't overdo our visits. We've visited several times this year; for Easter, fruit picking, exploring the maize maze, and pumpkin picking, but this weekend we went to take part in the haunting Hallowe'en activities which the owners had laid on.

Hallowe'en at Hendrewennol 100

I'd booked the tickets online and had become rather excited and click-happy; it meant that when we arrived we ended up with a rainbow effect on our arms with a vast aray of colour-coded wristbands!

Starting in the maize maze, we wandered in amongst the sweetcorn, squelched down muddy paths, became imprisoned in castles, and managed to avoid the spooky actors who were arriving soon to add the ghostly atmosphere.

Hendrewennol Maize Maze

We continued onto pumpkin carving, with The Boy actually managing to carve some out of his pumpkin for the first time ever.

Pumpkin carving at Hendrewennol

Following this we headed off excitedly for our wood-fired pizza. It was dreadful; horrendously burnt, too much tomato topping and no cheese, soggy middles and cold within two minutes. Luckily there was also a pasta stand so we could replenish our fuel reserves that way; as far as The Boy is concerned you can't beat cheesey-ham pasta!

Afterwards we created fancy broomsticks, decorated cupcakes, rode the flying chairs, made toffee apples, and splattered sand and mud all over a police car!

Hallowe'en at Hendrewennol

It was definitely a brilliant day out and we returned home filled with the fun of Hallowe'en.

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  1. says

    Wow, what a fabulous time. The Boy looks like he's really concentrating on carving that pumpkin, he did really well! It's a shame that your pizza wasn't as good as you'd hoped but at least there was a second option to fill up on. Overall looks like a great day out, thanks for sharing it with Country Kids.

  2. says

    I love the pumpkin, they have so much more character when the kids draw and carve them themselves! It's a shame about the pizza but the toffee apple looks good! #countrykids


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