A Balmy Easter Monday

We're so lucky where we live.

So lucky to have miles upon miles of glorious coastline; swathes of golden sand, mounds of perfectly elliptical pebbles, an abundance of rock pools populated with crazy creatures, and a vast tidal range allowing for hours spent on the beach.

Enjoying childhood.


After a frenetic two hours spent hunting down clues in a local pick-your-own fruit farm, on a whimsy we ventured to 'mummy's favourite beach'; Southerndown.

Everything about the beach is wonderful: the yellow-grey, unique Celtic cliffs formed from sedimentary rock of limestone, shale andΒ  sandstone; the bank of blue lias rocks which have to be clambered over to reach the grey pebbles, and further out the golden sand. There are rockpools galore, dips in the sand filled with sea water warmed during the course of the day which make for wonderful paddling pools for young children, and the only sounds are those of families having fun, and birds on the rockfaces. It's truly peaceful, probably my favourite beach in the locality.

Mid-afternoon on Easter Monday was scorching, certainly warm enough for a young man to remove his jeans, socks and shoes and paddle. Definitely warm enough for sandcastle building. But in the words of The Boy, the water was, "Blummin' cold!"

Southerndown April 2014

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  1. says

    I can well understand your love affair with beaches and it's a perfect playground for children to have fun and explore. Lovely photos of the boy having a great time and being very brave paddling in the water too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Kierna says

    That is a fab beach, looks so idyllic & that last photo is stunning xxx Thanks a million for your support as always.

  3. Karen bell says

    What a lovely beach. Rock pools are the best for fun I think, I remember them from my own childhood fun. Lovely pics.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  4. says

    it does look like a owbnderful beach – a haven from all the hustles, bustles and stresses of your everyday life. i also love that you went there on a whim – the best times are had on those.
    he looks so grown up in these photos and i really adore the final one , it is really lovely of him x

  5. says

    I know I always say this and its a bit odd considering I've not met him in real life but The Boy looks like he's had a growth spurt!! Your beach looks gorgeous, I'm a bit envious as the closest one to us is very murky and bleurgh Blackpool.


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