Days 110 – 116 of Project 365

Days 110 - 116 of Project 365

110. Hunter! (Off to Dyffryn Gardens for an Easter Egg Hunt, and this year Cadbury's have supplied the intrepid explorers with these marvellous hats!)

111. Dude! (We headed to Hendrewennol PYO fruit farm today for an Easter Egg Hunt which was brilliant fun. Afterwards The Boy asked to go to Southerndown, one of our favourite beaches, and we had a wonderful afternoon in the warm Spring sunshine.)

112. Let's Get Squiggling (He decided that he wanted to try and copy Squiglet's etchings today, so I carried through his play table and had to pause the television after each main drawing point for him to copy the technique shown. I think he's managed a good cow, don't you?)

113. Storytime (While mum accompanied this big scaredy-cat to the dentist for what could have been a nasty root canal surgery, my sister looked after The Boy ably assisted by her two children. Stories read by your big cousin are the best kind it seems.)

114. Scaring Mummy (Need I say any more? This was the first time he'd done this!)

115. Silhouette (Mum came over and the three of us went out for lunch, then to one of our favourite parks in Cardiff. The Boy was keen to clamber to the top of this frame, which was also a roundabout, and requested I spin it fast. I declined until he was sat down nearer to the ground!)

116. Downpour (We went to a local country park that a friend recommended to us, but it widdled it down and we couldn't explore it properly as we weren't togged up. Hey-ho! Such is life in April. Oh and we wondered why the ducks weren't interested in our bread, but then I spotted them having special cuddles in the hedgerows, which explains it all really. Would you stop that for a bit off stale brioche?)

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  1. says

    that is a brilliant cow – the boy is very good at his drawings.
    i do like the one of him hanging upside down – i think he knows how to scare you well!!
    sounds like you have enjoyed this last week of the easter holidays x

  2. says

    The photo on the beach is precious. The sunglasses on the head, the dirt on the hands and the look of joy on his face – this is why you must stay in the game

  3. says

    The Easter hats were a great addition this year weren't they.. we still have ours here 🙂 The Boys picture of a cow is fabulous! I love his expression on the beach too but I think my favourite one is of him hanging upside down!

  4. says

    I love that beach photo, such a great face of sheer and utter joy! That one, the Easter egg trail and the upside down one are the faves this week. Sounds like it's not been a bad week. Thank you so much for linking me up, so kind of you (internet been a bit wobbly on PC tonight!) x

  5. says

    I love seeing photos of the boy getting up to all sorts! When they're growing so quickly it's lovely to be able to look back and remember those precious days x

  6. says

    Love the one with him upside down – he's becoming so adventurous now. Z is like this but it always gives me a mini heart attack as I'm constantly shouting "BE Careful!"

  7. says

    can't decide which is my favourite this week – loads of brilliant ones! the hat, the digging, and the climbing frame are all and the gardening are great, but I think the blanket one is fabulous too!

  8. says

    Love the Easter hat photo. Such happiness.

    I'm sure boys are put upon this earth to worry parents once they start getting adventurous.

  9. says

    He has such a cheeky little grin and love the picture of him hanging upside down. I admire you for taking that pic as I would be hovering close by in case he fell!

  10. says

    The Boy has such a cheeky face. It sounded like the Easter Egg hunt was really good. The girls would be very jealous of him going to the beach. The girls loved going to Padstow with a sandy beach as all we have here is pebbles.

  11. says

    I love the beach picture. All of your pictures are great, but I keep scrolling back to that one. The one of him hanging upside down is fab too – not looking forward to when my boy starts with all of that! x

  12. says

    Love the boy upside down – scary for parents but such fun for him. 🙂
    My favourite is the one of him with the spade at the beach.

    Keep on keeping on – hope your mojo comes back in full force soon 🙂

  13. says

    Massive apologies but I realised today I'd completely forgotten to comment on your lovely photos! We have the same climbing frame and I'm sure it won't be long until Bunny is doing the same – she's started doing it on the bike racks at school so it's a natural progression! Maybe I'm a bit weird but it doesn't bother me in the slightest – I know I did it and lived to tell the tale! Love the silhouette too! Your photos always make me smile – he looks like such a gorgeous and happy little boy!

  14. says

    I dont like the dentist either, dont blame you for taking moral support, and nice for The Boy to spend time with cousins.

    I wonder why you would not spin him while he was stood at the top!!

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