Pit & Peak Of The Week #1

When I was browsing through links in a Facebook group last week I came across a post by a blogger called Lets Talk Mommywho identified one high and low of her previous week. This idea really appealed to me as it is so easy to let the week go by without acknowledging one really good thing that happened, no matter how small. Likewise, it's also important to identify a little struggle or moment which could have gone better. As Meera Syal said, "Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee!"


Without a shadow of a doubt, the pit this week has got to be the news about my teeth I received on Monday. I've got dreadful teeth; anything that can go wrong, does go wrong. I suffer from panic and anxiety attacks from it and have no confidence in my regular dentist. 16 months ago I had a broken, upper molar removed. The extraction took 90 minutes of pulling to complete, and it transpired she left a root in. It took a year to have an appointment back in the hospital to discuss the corrective extraction, and I had to wait two months for the appointment to have that done. At the same time as we discussed how it would be corrected, I was referred to a different department for corrective root canal surgery on another tooth.

I went for the appointment on Monday, thinking it would be done then but it turned out to be another consultation where they basically presented me with the revelation that there is virtually no point in having the corrective surgery as there is no opposing tooth (it was the one extracted), the tooth itself is too fragile to be successful, and that having had root canal surgery fail twice this probably wouldn't work. Plus it would probably be six months until I'm seen for the appointment, then two-three months of treatments to do it, and then a crown later on.

So I basically need to have this one out as well. On top of the wisdom tooth I'm having out in April.

I feel horrendous about it. I feel like a pikey who hasn't cared for their teeth. I'm devastated that I need to lose yet another tooth, but I cannot bear another nine months of this constant discomfort in my mouth, let alone the abscess which is damaging my jaw bone.

Definitely a big pit this week.


 With the weather as it is in Great Britain this week, it's incredibly difficult to identify a peak when the whole family are stuck indoors looking longingly outside. On the weekend I could stand it no more and in a break in the rain we togged up and went to Barry Island.

The wind was insane, but not quite gail force so we proceeded with caution. The tide was incredibly low, and the beach has a wide expanse of sand with no-one else on it, to run around madly on.

Which is precisely what we did.

For twenty minutes we ran around playing tag, chasing each other, making sand angels and then walking backwards (to avoid the hail which descended quickly) along the beach to the slope leading back up to the promenade. Definitely the best moment of the week!

Barry Island

Pit & Peak Of The Week

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    I am so sorry to hear about your teeth. It's never easy when it's something out of our control. i hope you get it sorted soon. Thank you so much for joining in the PIt & Peak of the Week, it's one of my favorite weekly posts and hopefully soon it will become a proper linky. Feel free to use the bedge of my two kids with the logo P&P on it too. Although I just made the one you used in picmonkey and I like it too. lol I absolutely love, love your beach picture, fantastic PEAK!!! The weather has been shocking to the core for sure. Roll on spring. Look forward to reading your P&P's of the Week again, and again.

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    Only you could say that your peak was a walk in the hail on a stormy beach! Such an outdoorsy family x Sorry about your teeth troubles. Princess had to have a tooth out today and another one in 2 weeks time. It was traumatic and now she knows what's coming, next time will be worse. But I feel like a real pikey mother for not realising her teeth had decay 🙁 definitely a pit.

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    So sorry to hear about your teeth. You must feel absolutely miserable. Having had two wisdom teeth out in a very straightforward manner a few months ago and finding even that to be painful, you have my every sympathy.

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