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Mr. TBaM and I like going to the cinema but it seems to happen less and less these days. Time was that we'd go a few times a month, but not we seem to manage around three times a year. It's a great shame as we love watching films, but since having The Boy, there's a greater need to budget and we have to plan babysitting around my mum's availability. About six months ago we took out Sky Movies, but have been seriously unimpressed with the range and quality of the films included.

We've recently been invited to become members of the Netflix Stream Team, and can't believe that we hadn't subscribed before! I've seen people discussing about Netflix on social media for a year or two but had never realised completely what was involved; in my head it was like the old LoveFilm service which required physical DVDs to be sent out and returned. I knew that I'd never return them on time or end up losing them!

However Netflix is a subscription service which allows users to stream films (and t.v. serials) directly onto an Internet accesible device, like an iPad, mobile phone, or a gaming console like a Wii.

And it only costs £5.99 a month!

We've been subscribed for a month now and can't remember the last time we watched 'live' television. Admittedly there's a whole load of programmes that we still Sky+ and watch later, but more and more we're finding that we're browsing Netflix and discovering comedies, dramas and action films which we missed in the cinema. The other aspect of Netflix that we love is the range of television serials available; I am personally over the moon to have discovered Gossip Girl (to sate my embarrassing Chuck Bass crush), and we're working our way through all of the David Tennant Dr. Who episodes.

Obviously it would be incredibly easy to lounge on the sofa and not actually move all evening, but that's hardly productive to a healthy lifestyle. However with 2014 well under way I've discovered that my non-New Year resolution to shape up and dust off the work-out kit has not really kicked off. Well Netflix has come up with the perfect solution.

They've teamed up with fitness expert Niki Wibrow to help busy Brits find a way to work in some work outs during their daily routine, and what better way to do this than to burn the calories while you are watching a show on Netflix.

Niki has put together three exercises for each area that you can do at home, on the go, at the gym or at anytime to help keep trim throughout the year. The exercises can be combined in any order, at different levels of intensity or to fit a short workout during an episode of Weeds or a full 55 minute episode of Orange is the New Black (which I've heard is amazing and I need to try!).

Personally the programme that I think would be perfect to get up and moving to is one that I've mourned the loss of since it finished in 2003!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

I'm sure I'm not the only woman of a certain age that was positive that they could kick the derriere of many a vampire? (Please tell me I'm not?!) What better easy-watching programme to become motivated to exercise to than one featuring serious physical prowess?

Niki Wibrow has developed three bespoke exercises concentrating on five different areas. Each can be performed in different combinations, at different speeds and at different numbers of repetitions to suit your fitness plan

For someone who absolutely detests the gym, this is a perfect solution!

I have received a year's subscription of Netflix and an iPad in order to review the service, my thoughts and opinions are honest and unbiased.

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    What a fab idea! I'm definitely going to try that out.
    Also? Not the only one with a crush on Chuck Bass… he's SO MISUNDERSTOOD and I just want to make everything better for him!! (too far? *cough*)

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