Days 1 – 4 of Project 365

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1. And sleep… (I'd hoped for a more exciting photo for the first day of the 2014 project but the day was busy and tiring and it was bedtime before I had a chance to take a photo, let alone the inclination. The Boy is on his second ear infection within six weeks and I spent a lot of the night nursing him as he screamed in pain. That saw us rush out to the Out of Hours doctor's surgery to get antibiotics, for which I was late as I had a horrendous headache and was finding it difficult to get going. Because I was late I drove too fast and set off a speed camera. I came home reticent but overjoyed to spend the afternoon with my brother and his family. Then I took mum for her Christmas present, to see Singin' In The Rain and have a meal after. I came home to discover a sweaty and sobbing little boy in pain. I hate Winter because of what it does to him.)

2. Reflecting (As we took down the Christmas tree and examined all the wonderful shininess of the baubles, we have a good old chat about our Christmas and all our favourite parts. The Boy loved seeing Edward the Elf, having new toys and spending time with people who came over to see us.)

3. Teamwork (We met up with some friends in Techniquest for the afternoon and The Boy and his friend had a great time exploring science displays and a 'Don't Do This At Home' science show.)

4. Aaaarrrr! (A friend gave us an unwanted pirate set which she'd bought from the damaged stock directly from Playmobil, randomly there was a vet in there! )

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  1. says

    Sounds like a nice calm start to the year. Such a shame that the Boy has been poorly, ear infections are really nasty, the poor thing. I really must take the boys to Techniquest on one of out trips to Wales this year.

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    Oh goodness ear infections are a real pain! Thankfully somehow this year we have managed to keep wee man colds at bay while hubby and I have suffered! Excited to be joining up this year and hopefully I succeed!

  3. says

    bless him and those horrid ear infections! is there nothing the GP can do for him – refer him to specilaist maybe?
    Anyway, that asides and the awful day that went with it, some lovely photos and my favourite is the bauble one it is beautiful and magical and i love that i can see his reflection in the bauble x

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    And that's why I want to improve my photography skills! Wonderful photographs. I hope The Boy is feeling much better and the speed camera incident hasn't clouded your seek too much! PS Where's the link? Help!

  5. says

    Lovely pictures there, especially love the Christmas tree one.
    Sorry to hear the Boy has been so poorly, nothing worse than ear infections – hope he's better soon x

  6. says

    Gosh I hope The Boy is feeling better – ear infections are horrid! Seems to have been a lot of sickness this Christmas. Well I am here finally! Look forward to sharing some photos 🙂

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    I love Techniquest, it looks like they're having great fun. I love the reflection of The Boy in the Christmas tree bauble – very clever. I hope The Boy is feeling better now.

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    Oh bless him ear infections are nasty! I can't cope with them as an adult! I love your pictures. I'm joining in for the first time and I'm hoping it will help me take better pictures eventually.

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    I hope the boys ear feels better soon, I suffered with ear infections right through my childhood so you and he have my sympathy.
    It's lovely to reflect on Christmas as you pack it away.
    Techniquest looks amazing fingers crossed we'll visit Cardiff again this year and get a chance to go in.
    I didn't know you could get damaged stock direct from playmobil, but a fantastic addition for the boy

  10. says

    Oh what a rubbish start to the year, hope he's better now. My favourite photo is the decorations one, such lovely colour. I really want to improve my photography this year, part of the reason of switching to #52 quality over quantity (or something!)

  11. says

    What lovely photos. I hope your lovely boy gets better soon. We take our Christmas tree down tonight, after my daughter goes to bed. I think she will be in tears seeing it come down.

  12. says

    Hope the boy's feeling better! I love the christmas tree photo, I like the way you've captured his reflection in the bauble!

  13. says

    I have to admit I was so relieved to take down our decorations – I have had a good sort out of toys too and taken them to the charity shop.
    Love the picture of the boy with the bauble xx

  14. says

    Good to see The Boy better by the end of the week. I hope you don't get a ticket for speeding (but if you do and are offered the Driver Awareness Course, I can recommend that!)
    I remember when Techniquest opened and taking our boys there. A great place to go for science!

  15. says

    Sorry to hear The Boy has been poorly, ear infections are the worst. Looks like your week picked up though :-). I did the 366 project in 2012 and am attempting it again this year. I blogged briefly but could never properly get my head around the technical side of things. This year I have set up a simple blog to post my photos on, separate to my old one I used in 2012. I'm so sorry, I can't work out how to put your badge on?! I've copied and pasted the text but it just comes out as text? Looking forward to sharing the photo journey of 2014 with you and others!

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    We've been fighting chest infections here, for what seems like months. Hope the boy is much better now. My four days feature two sleeping children, we've had quite a few quiet days so far this year! I'm determined to complete it 'properly' this year.

  17. says

    would grommets not help his ears? Nothing worse than ear ache no wonder he cries it is horrendous pain.
    Its good for children to reflect back on events like Christmas and I am sure he will miss Edward.
    The reflections picture is nice.

  18. says

    Oh poor Boy and his ear. Sammy managed to turn a nagging cough into a bit of a chest infection but anti-biotics are now on board. Your year is off to a good start except for the ear infection! I will do my very best to link up this year. I love the idea of a year of records! 😉


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    Beautiful photos, sorry The Boy has been poorly x We have all had a poor start to the year too, coughs and colds and fevers x I have not recognised my children so hope they are back to themselves soon x

  20. says

    Oh bless, love when they are sleeping, but worry when they are poorly, hope he is all better now.

    It is sad in a way taking the Christmas things down, but only another 335 days and photographs until we can put them up again 🙂

    Got to love Random surprises even with playmobil, we LOVE playmobil here at home x

  21. says

    Hopefully no more ear pain for The Boy and speeding tickets for you! Wonderful shot of taking down the baubles. Thank you for hosting this Project 365 – I decided to take the plunge and join in!

  22. says

    Aww I have a sleepy photo of a poorly bubba on mine too! Hope The Boy is feeling better now? Tiny and Fluffy have been poorly since 27th Dec. Fluffy is getting better now, but I've been into hospital with Tiny and back and forth to the docs.

    As promised… I've joined Project 365! 🙂

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    Love the bridge photo! Sorry to hear The Boy has been poorly – hope he's better now. I guess the good thing is that they do tend to grow out of these things so there's less of them as they grow up. Thanks for hosting again xx

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    So sorry that The Boy has been ill, we had our first experience of an ear infection with the 4yo over Christmas, just horrible. Love the photo with the bauble, such a wonderful expression on his face x Thanks for hosting, really looking forward to this project 🙂

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    Oh, I don't miss those ear infection days! Hope he's feeling better and that you have a healthy rest of the winter.

    Love the photos, as always! Especially the reflection in the Christmas ornament. Lovely!


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