Days 355 – 365 of Project 365

Days 355-365 of Project 365

355. Please May I Have…? (The outlaws arrived today for an overnighter to see us for Christmas and there was a lot of sitting around and chatting. The Boy became a little board so I took him to write his letter to Father Christmas in the other room. I'm so impressed with his writing, not only his independent spelling, but also how neat his handwriting is considering he's a left-hander.)

356. Practising Wrapping (You could say that I was trialling my wrapping methods ahead of my annual Christmas Eve wrapping extravaganza, the truth is that after a Christmas dinner with my husband's family we all needed some fresh air and exercise, so we headed down to the nature reserve where it was about 3°C. As he was fighting the threat of an ear infection and cold, I was determined he was going to keep warm!)

357. Too Much (Quite frankly we'd both had enough of rushing around today, especially as we'd spent a traumatic two hours in Waitrose with my mum getting the last of the Christmas shopping. He'd sat inside one trolley equipped with a magazine, iPad, drink and snack while my mum pushed him around, and I pushed around the food trolley. How he looks here is how we all felt!)

358. Whoops! (Earlier in the year mum and I had popped to the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay to book tickets to see The Lion King, today we arrived with the children and my husband to see it. As mum was fussing in her bag, Mr. TBaM spotted the date on the tickets and handed them to me to break it to her; New Year's Eve not Christmas Eve! Oopsy! We ended up going to see Paddington in the cinema instead and had a wonderful Christmas Eve afternoon. Then the three of us came home, had homemade pizza while watching The Polar Express, sprinkled reindeer food in the garden, saw Santa's sleigh in the sky (the ISS I thought, transpired it was a plane!) and then The Boy went to bed in his new Christmas pyjamas from Edward the Elf. Which is when I sat down with all the presents, Love Actually and a glass or two of Bailey's: contentment.)

359. Christmas Day (The truth was that today I was far too busy living the day to take many photographs! This is The Boy playing with the castle that we bought him for Christmas; I love his face in this as he's putting on a funny voice for one of the characters in the castle. Every present went down brilliantly, and the whole day was relaxed and filled with laughter; perfect!)

360. Christmas, Take Two (Boxing Day is the day when we get together with my sister and her family at mum's. However last year mum started a new tradition of going out for a meal in the Italian restaurant on the beach front, which we continued this year. It was a wonderful meal, and we had great fun back at her houe afterwards enjoying more presents and each other's company.)

361. Cousins (My eldest niece was brought down from Oxford for the day by my brother-in-law, her dad is my brother who emigrated to Australia 18 months ago. It was so lovely to see her with her cousins, and this was one of the outtakes from the posed photographs we were trying to get from the four of them. I love this one more than the others!)

362. Golden (A trip to the beach to blow away more cobwebs, and a beautiful sunset to accompany our play.)

363. Christmas Bubbles (Our first day together of the holidays, just me and The Boy, so we headed down for a few hours to the nature reserve where we also explored the attached medieval village and blew bubbles over the frozen frog pond. )

364. Spike (I took more aesthetically pleasing photos today with beautiful golden sunlight illuminating The Boy's face as we played in the clifftop park, but this one makes me chuckle. He'd joined in a football game being played on the accompanying mini golf course with a friend from Circus Skills, and when he got back in the car and pulled off his hat his sweaty hair stood up like this. Love him to pieces.)

365. Perfect End (New Year's Eve and today will see us going to finally see The Lion King, before being joined by my sister and brother-in-law for an early evening NY party (otherwise disguised as an 'eat all the Christmas food party'). And who would have thought I'd have completed another year of Project 365? That's four years under my belt; 1461 days of photo taking! There was a big wobble about three months ago which lasted a month, where I never wanted to see a camera ever again; however every time I complete it the feeling of satisfaction is immense. And then I always look back at the beginning of the year and I remember moments otherwise forgotten. 364 days ago I was racing to the out-of-hours surgery in Barry Hospital with a little boy afflicted with another horrendous ear infection; this season we've got this far into the Winter without a single one at present. As I look at this photo of him and see the picture of health that he is, I keep my fingers crossed that 2015 brings health and happiness to all of my family and friends.)

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  1. says

    🙂 wahoo! All done! Four years?? Wow 🙂 I've always loved your photos of the boy and your scenic snaps, love the cousins one – we don't see the cousins enough, about once a year, pure laziness on all the adults involved! Sad though. Anyway, enjoy The Lion King – finally – and have a smashing evening! And, I can actually say this with meaning, see you next year!! 🙂 x x

  2. says

    Beautiful pictures as always. I hope you have a very happy new year and that it is filled with everything you wish for. Thank you for running Project 365 without your fantastic linky I would never have completed my Project 365 and am looking forward to completing another next year x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Love the football action shot, brilliantly captured! The frost macro looks wonderful as well. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas?

      Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and completing the challenge, hope you've enjoyed photographing the everyday magic?

  3. says

    he has amazing hand writing !
    sounds like you have enjoyed a wonderful family filled christmas and the photos of him are just adorable.
    we also saw Santa's sleigh aka not the ISS but a plane but it looked like a sleigh and the boys were so excited by that!!! well…… and me too even though i knew it was not him lol!
    happy new year and thanks for hosting xx

  4. says

    Great photos as usual. I love the hat hair one too – N quite often has mad hair like that too. They get so sweaty even when young!

    Glad you had a lovely Christmas, looking forward to 2015

  5. says

    A lovely collection of smiles, laughter and happiness, wrapped up in some wonderful memories! I've really enjoyed being part of Project 365 and am committed to another year of daily photos 🙂

  6. says

    so many smiles on one little boy's face, so many different backgrounds, but the huge smile is always there.
    The laughing one with the cousins is brilliant, the spiky hair funny, an the castle one I can hear his voices as he plays. The fact you love him to bits sticks out a mile.
    Happy new year to you and yours and look forward to seeing the boy grow over 2015

  7. says

    So many wonderful photos – love the beach and the smiley boy at the end especially. Hard to believe its the end of 365, time seems to have flown by so fast recently. Thank you so much for hosting. Will see you again in 2015. Alphabet is back on 15th Jan too whoop whoop! Happy New Year xxx

  8. says

    Some stunning shot, i love the one of him wrapped up (although not the fact he was a little unwell) its almost like you can still see his lovely big grin underneath!

    I am wishing you and yours a super new year lovely x

  9. says

    Gorgeous as always. Beach shot is stunning, hair amazing and as for the voices in the castle – superb capture! Congratulations on another lovely year of 365 and here's to the upcoming one!

  10. says

    Gorgeous photos as always, especially the last two of your beautiful boy. I've loved doing the project, thanks so much for hosting and supporting us all. Looking forward to doing it all again 🙂 Happy New Year xx

  11. says

    It have been the wrong day for the Lion King but imagine if you'd missed the date altogether. Glad you all enjoyed your Christmas.
    Thanks for running the project. See you in 2015.
    Happy New Year! 🙂

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