10 Top Tips For Beautiful Photographs This Christmas (Infographic)

Last week we were initiated into a rite of passage for every parent of school-age children; it was The Boy's first Christmas concert.

I honestly didn't hold up much hope for him participating with any part as he had completely frozen during the Harvest festival, able only to stand on stage and try very hard not to cry. It broke my heart watching him trying to be brave, and so I was very nervous for him performing as one of thirty seven stars in the infant school's nativity last week. It transpires that I was far more nervous than him as he took every song and action in his stride. Nothing phased him!

As is usual with these types of performances, there were two showings during the week; we went to the first one and my mum was due to go to the second one two days later. Unfortunately, The Boy was struck with a horrendous cough which made him sound like a seal barking and he couldn't manage the second stint. My poor mum missed her beloved, youngest grandchild performing in his first concert!

Luckily though, help was on hand in the form of the video recording we'd made on our trusty Sony video camera during the first performance. Despite the unintentional enthusiastic efforts of the tallest child in the entire world at preventing us from seeing The Boy singing, we managed to get quite a few shots of him singing his little heart out, performing all the actions and pulling his star headband down over his eyes pretending someone had turned the lights out. That's normal, isn't it?

Nonetheless, my mum didn't miss his performance, she just has to see it virtually. Thank goodness for modern technology capturing the important moments in life. My 365 photo project is all about ensuring that those magic, everyday moments are remembered, and a good camera is the essential tool for snapping that moment.

Just in case anyone wasn't sure, it's Christmas time; possibly the biggest, single event of the entire year for saving those magic moments. It's a time to both freeze a laugh or a precious cuddle in a single photograph, and also to record the hustle and bustle, the squeals of the ridiculous present, the joy of perfectly cooked food being placed on the table. A precious cuddle, a stolen kiss under the mistletoe, a day of happiness.

Cameras are so intuitive that they can be used in a non-intrusive manner to complement our busy lives. Below are some amazing tips for capturing Christmas, quite a few of them I'm going to ensure we use: setting up a tripod with a video camera for the present opening, using the continuous capture setting, photographing food and the table setting. All of these things make a Christmas special and build happy memories.

Top 10 tips to take beautiful Christmas photographs - Infographic
Courtesy of Sony

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  1. says

    We have captured my son picking his toenails at his very first nativity performance! Definitely glad to have captured that as it will be worth it's weight in gold when he's older 🙂

  2. says

    I think the biggest challenge is to capture those special little moments and memories, but these are great tips and I really want to try the bokeh effect this year. So pretty x

  3. says

    What a great idea for an infographic! And well done to the boy too for his role in the school play! They truly are special moments to savour and our little ones are always so pleased to see us in the audience!

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