Days 349 – 355 of Project 365

Days 349-355 of Project 365

349. MONSTER BINGO (… is the phrase that needs to be shouted out by the winner of the latest Orchard Toys game we're reviewing. I love the exuberance on his face here.)

350. Daddy Does Craft (This is not something which happens often in our house, in fact he groaned when I asked him to do this activity, "Homework; yes. Reading; yes. Craft; NO!" However, it was a super easy activity from Toucan Box with idiotproof, foolproof, comprehensive instructions.)

351. Intent (Watching his video message from Father Christmas via the Portable North Pole app, he was enchanted with the whole thing. Every time Father Christmas said his name, he nodded eagerly and smiled.)

352.  Dear Miss… (Making his Christmas cards for his teachers, the effort was immense but he made a super job of it.)

353. Bedtime Reading (New pyjamas and books sent from Marks and Spencer for a bedtime reading project. I love seeing him in old-fashioned pyjamas, he looks so cute!)

354. Hungry (For a few months now we've visited our local nature reserve once a week to feed the swans, our confidence has grown as has their hunger. Yesterday they were starving, and with it a little bit nasty. For the first time, I felt nervous feeding them in the slipway area; one of them hissed at The Boy and flapped his wings, another pecked my hand. We walked up to the boardwalk as they can't manage it and it forces them into the water to have the bread; more controlled you see! Within thirty seconds of us being at the board walk, the 40+ swans had worked out what was going on and swum around to feed on our stale offerings.)

355.  Best Buddies (We ventured to Tredegar House near Newport today to see Father Christmas in his grotto. Normally we go to Cardiff Castle but it was completely sold out weeks in advance, so we decided to try here in their first year as a National Trust property. The Boy was over the moon to see the Big Man himself, and the room was dressed so beautifully! He walked in cautiously, took one look at him and ran at him to give him the biggest, most heartfelt cuddle I've ever seen which was received warmly. Unfortunately the photo is too blurred to share as a 365, but it was a wonderful sight to see. And all for only £2.50.)

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  1. says

    I've fallen in love with Orchard toys, they're such good quality. We're still at the jigsaw stage yet though. Love the look on his face in the first pic. Not sure if this is the case but he looks like he's suddenly had a growth spurt!

  2. says

    it is £4 at out NT property to see Father Christmas so yours was really good value. It is wonderful photo and just sums up this time of year to perfection.
    I love the look of concentration on his face writing those cards and his excited face wearing his reindeer antlers! hard to choose between the first and last photo so they are both my favs this week x

  3. says

    Very nive photos and reflecting the festive season. I like myson when he wears old styles pyjamas too, he looks like a little old man, too cute… I started a photo a day project posting every day but failed to continue… To hard to do with the little free time I have, but I like your way of posting 7 photos in one go. Do you put the photos together in one day or do you save them as the ones for the day, on the day? All the best laura

  4. says

    You do seem to have a thing about the swans at the moment, I am always very wary of them. Gorgeous shots again, he looks so happy in that first photo and the last one with Father Christmas is gorgeous.

  5. says

    It is such a special time of the year with little ones, isn't it? If my husband had ever, ever agreed to craft I think I would have had to have his identity confirmed. Clearly an evil twin on something (but I'm sure he's enjoy it if he ever gave it a go)

  6. says

    I love the first picture- brilliant! I am always impressed by his bravery with the swans and I'm liking your black and white. I have just done a PNP video for my two – wasn't going to bother this year but they asked about it today – even Bigger Miss and I'm not too sure she still really believes? 🙁

  7. says

    It's almost always Mummy does craft in this house too despite Mummy's well known lack of skill with her hands. He does look very happy with Santa – he's obviously got past the phase where they are a bit nervous.

  8. says

    Glad you finally got to see Father Christmas, I loved all the photos of your day on IG. As usual so hard to pick a favourite out of the week!

  9. says

    its magical at this tie of year, and wonderful that he ran across and gave Santa a hug and more to the point great he got one back.
    Our swans and ducks are never hungry, far too many people feed them but as you know they can be vicious and I am always wary as kids are at face height to them

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