Days 223-229 of Project 365

223-228 of 365

223. Mr. Bloom (We went to Margam Park in Port Talbot for the CBeebies Summer Roadshow, with a special show by Mr. Bloom. We were lucky and had press tickets to the show, which meant we had guaranteed seats even though it was free. I did take some cracking shots of Mr. B on stage, even if I did get 'heavied' about doing so.)

224. Golden (My wonderful birthday flowers. Love the depth of field on the 50mm lens I've got.)

225. Splash (I had frozen some of the Playmobil pirate treasure in a takeway container and put it on the tuff-spot for The Boy to get out. Once it had all melted then he realised he could sail his pirate boats in the water, and filled it up even more. The pirate islands were enlisted soon enough, and then he spent ages splashing the water about! Child-led learning at its best.)

226. Crinkle Cut (I bought one of the choppers that I'm always seeing the twins on Two Of Everything using, and The Boy helped me prepare tea. He loved it and I think his help will be 'needed' a lot more.)

227. People Watching (We met up with a friend and her daughter down in the Cardiff Bay Beach. The Boy spent ages burying his own legs and then examining everyone else and their activities.)

228. Joy (There's no mistaking how sad I am today; my brother came down to say goodbye to me today before he emigrates to Australia at the end of the month. I am heartbroken. I won't be visiting as it is too far and I can't afford it, so please don't suggest it. Yes there's social media but he will still be on the other side of the world, not in Oxford. This little boy cheers me up though, he is my joy.)

229. LolliBop (We spent the day in London at LolliBop in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, more to follow in a later post.)

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  1. says

    Sorry to hear your brother is moving away. My sister stays faraway from me and although it isn't as far as the other side of the world, it really isn't the same having them close to home. Lovely photos of the Boy! I'm sure he'll keep you smiling.

  2. says

    I remember how sad my Sister was when I moved to Canada for a few years. It's really hard. Fabulous poos though, you really have had a busy week x

  3. says

    I can imagine how much you'll miss your brother.

    But with a little cute face like The Boy everyday is a joy.

    Especially love the final photo with everyone's favorite Alex

  4. says

    OOOH I really wanted to take some pics of Mr Bloom but they wouldn't let me – I should have just done it and then ran like hell 😉
    The Boy look so pleased to see Alex 🙂

  5. says

    A glorious set of photos – love the lollipop photo. But you are right, whn members of your family move away a bit of your heart breaks.

  6. says

    beautiful happy photos of the Boy this week and whata week he has! i cannot beleve he has met the wonderful Mr Winters again!!! His smile says it all. and what a great water play photo – love the tongue and look of fun on his face. handsome boy x

  7. says

    the water play looks great fun, I use to find this when working as a playgroup leader that we added a certain activity expecting such and such an outcome and being amazed how the children would turn it into a different learning outcome, all good fun though.
    Our sunflowers have came to nothing, had to chuckle at you comment for Mr Bloom – not being allowed picture.
    Looks like he had a lot of fun at Lollibop.

  8. says

    awww honey what a mixed week you have had!! i am so sorry your going to be missing your brother … i wont suggest social media .. i will however send hugs and let you know i have cyber cake any time x

  9. says

    So sorry to hear about your brother – it must be so hard to have him moving so far away. Yes you can talk online but it is never the same as speaking in person is it. Hope you are coping OK. It looks like The Boy had a great time seeing Mr Bloom and Alex this week x

  10. says

    Gorgeous photos. I love the photo with Alex, he's great isn't he? We've met him a few times now and Bud adores him.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your brother, it's so hard to be so far from loved ones. I'm glad your beautiful boy made you smile xx

  11. says

    Love the portrait shot of the Boy and the Mr Bloom, and with him off cbeebies (can't remember his name).
    I'm so sorry about your brother leaving and hope that he can afford to come home and see you often x

  12. says

    Oh Mummy getting The Boy to help with the veggies.. A good habit to get into..!
    I know how you feel about your brother and wish I could say it gets easier to cope with but doesn't (well not for me). Thank goodness for Skype and Facebook.
    I'm lucky we have a little savings to do our trip to see youngest boy getting married but goodness knows when we'll be affording it again..
    Why couldn't they go somewhere like Cyprus?? only 4 hours away!

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