Days 55-61 of Project 365

55-61 of 36555. 'Hello! Anyone there?' (We went exploring in the woods and had a great time squelching through the mud and finding our echo.)

56. 'Spiderman' (This cargo net is always the first thing he heads for in a local park, it's a bit of an ongoing challenge for him as it is designed for infants and juniors, having different size nets as well as different sized ladders. He likes to measure his progress by how easily he can get over the bigger gaps, but has yet to attempt climbing up the sail of the 'boat'.)

57. 'Can' (He's been using a Reading Eggs app called 'Tap The Cat' to practise his reading, spelling and writing, and under my site's host's recommendation I bought this pen for him to use with the iPad. He's finding it so much easier to overwrite and it's better than finger tracing for the development of his writing skills.)

58. 'New teeth' (He finally got stuck into the chocolate Gruffalo we bought him for Christmas and relished eating various parts of him to make him less scary!)

59. 'Underwater lights' (Kara from Innocent Charmer recently recommended this underwater bath light to me, which arrived this week, and has brought a whole new level of fun to bathtime!)

60. 'National Pride' (St. David's Day!)

61. 'Lean' (We've been exploring Caerphilly Castle today in the most gorgeous Spring sunshine, and in one half of this photograph you can see the leaning south east tower of the castle. More on that in this weekend's Country Kids post.)

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  1. says

    Lovely photos! Is Boy left handed? C is left handed. Do you find he can be back to front if he copies letters you write for him to copy? And is that a chocolate Gruffalo?? Looks like he is enjoying it!

    • says

      my younger 2 daughters are left handed, No2 use to write backwards across the page till the middle of P2, but the school just left her. She also use to try reading backwards as well. They need to bring in left handed reading books!!

      • says

        My eldest is left handed but he hardly ever gets his letters backwards. My youngest tries to copy the eldest and gets most of his letters jumbled when he does. I do have odd little boys though, bless them!

  2. says

    such a great expression in the first photo – he is so playing for the camera there! actually he is doing this in most ofthis weeks photos which is just delightful. happy St Davids day for yesterday btw i forgot to say that yesterday. i am very intrigued by the under water lights – is that a review? my two would love those in their bath – actually i would too. looks like a fun week for the boy x

  3. says

    I think I've been to that castle, long time ago though as I was only 2 years old! Brilliant photos again, and it looks like you've had a fun week. I love the lights in the bath, they look really cool.

  4. says

    I have such fond memories of Caerphilly Castle. My best friend from school's Mam-gu lived across the road and we used to go and stay with her quite often. No visit was complete without a wander around the castle. Happy times.

  5. says

    So glad you got the bath light, it is so much fun and I love how many modes it has, great pictures of your handsome boy as always xxx

  6. says

    love the echo location pic best. had a laugh at the bath lights, when I was a kid you were in washed and out as usually 4 of you to go through the same water ( yeuch), great idea though my kids loved bath toys

  7. says

    The underwater bath lights look amazing!
    I love the photo of him in the woods.
    He's doing much better than I could on the cargo net! Clever boy.
    Thank you for linking up πŸ™‚ x

  8. says

    I think I need one of those underwater lights for myself! That's pretty cool.

    Great photos of a fun and busy week. He's got such a cute smile. πŸ™‚

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