Country Kids: Exploring

Sunday dawned bright and sunny; time for the wellies and to don the thermals to venture out to the park.

First off, showing us his moves in the playground there.

Country Kids Porthkerry 1

When it was first built, a little over a year ago, he was too young to be able to enjoy any of the facilities. However, he's now at a prime age for exploring them and being challenged by what's available. Scampering up the cargo net like Spiderman, throwing himself down the slide (normally headfirst) and standing up on the swinging rope, seem to pose no concern to him anymore. It's like he's a different child now when it comes to his physical confidence.

Charging off into the distance, he'd clearly had enough of the confines of the playground and needed a run with Mr. TBaM. It's just as well; there's a ditch running alongside the path which is usually little more than a trickle with 3ft high banks. Due to the recent snow and rain fall, it's now level with the grassy banks and the path.

In fact…

Country Kids Porthkerry 2

The Boy is actually stood on one of the bridges crossing the stream. Mr. TBaM is very nervously out of shot ready to jump forward if necessary as we were pretty sure that the edge of the bridge was two foot to The Boy's left, but it wasn't visible!

Country Kids Porthkerry 3

He wanted to do some 'plopping' on the beach, but the tide was out and walking on stones down to the shoreline takes a long time with a three year old. We gathered up pebbles and 'plopped' them in a different part of the stream instead. Then we tried pooh sticks, but the sticks kept getting stuck under the bridge.

Finally, The Boy tried jumping around the fairy ring but his legs weren't quiet long enough.

country kids porthkerry 4

coombe mill

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  1. says

    More lovely photographs of the Boy having fun. What a lovely record of his growing up, you're making! Will be great to look back on them, and your many posts, in the years to come!

  2. says

    I love the way his confidence is growing as he grows, what seamed do huge in the playground is now so manageable. Next year he will be hoping round the fairy ring complaining it is too easy! A lovely Country Kids post from a perfect afternoon in the fresh air.

  3. jenny paulin says

    such fun filled photos he is really coming out of his shell now with his sense of adventure and confidence. i like the photo of him pondering looking out to sea and the last one of him thinking about jumping onto the next tree stump

  4. says

    Lovely pics, and great outfit!
    There are some fantastic parks around for kids and so very appreciated in this household.
    Parks were sometimes like death traps when we were kids, nice hard concrete for landing on etc ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. says

    I wish we had a beach close enough to us for a quick day trip. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Popping over from Coombe Mill Country Kids, great to find your blog x

  6. says

    love the fairy ring, that looks like fun. We went on an outdoor playdate this week and managed to miss the rain by seconds – it tipped it down on the drive there but had stopped by the time we got out – Loads of great puddles though

  7. brinabird and son says

    Looks like a very busy time with so much to do. I love the variety in just one place! Nice photos. It's amazing watching their confidence grow.


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