Days 27-33 of Project 365

27-33 of 365

27. 'One Giant Leap' (Off to Porthkerry Park on Sunday to play in the sunshine and check out how high the water was in the brooks.)

28. 'Hello, Down There' (a trip to the local Victorian park on the way back from the supermarket. This is part of our bid to spend 15 minutes outside in the fresh air every day, inspired by Jenny from Mummy Mishaps and Cerys from Nature and Play. Some days are really easy, other days – like a work day – are harder. Today was also the day of the epic play-dough making session; three colours and still he wanted more?!)

29. 'Do You Like My New Hat?' (Big activity day today, Tuesdays often are as I try to cram as much quality and quantity time in as possible before having to go back to work the next day. We made a wintery hat which ended up looking more like a space hat, did a science experiment involving moving water, went to gymnastics and also went scooting in the pouring rain in Cardiff Bay. Thanks for that Jenny and Cerys!)

30. 'New Jigsaw' (A work day but when I came home The Boy was able to play with his brand new jigsaw from Orchard Toys. Watch this space for a review!)

31. 'The Gruffalo' (Thanks to a 'heart-pressing' session when The Boy saw one of his friend's wearing a Gruffalo hat, he decided he wanted to dress up in his costume. I got the mirror down so he could see what he looked like. The irony was that five minutes later, the nanosecond I'd finished taking photographs, he insisted the costume came off. I think he scared himself!)

32. 'Slumber' (Absolutely exhausted, I let him have a longer nap today. I certainly paid for it as we had a ridiculous wake-up time of 5.20 this morning. Now where's that Gro-clock I was sent for review?!)

33. 'Rebel!' (We nipped down to Cardiff Bay Barrage for a cycle and a scoot in glorious sunshine, but dear God it was Arctic! The road across the barrage isn't used by vehicles and is a safe route for cyclists of all ages. The Boy has a minimal awareness of the highway code and road signs, clearly!)

My favourite photo of the week is The Gruffalo photo.

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  1. OneDad3Girls says

    That top picture is my favourite of all the ones you've posted so far this year.

    I am disappointed with the cycling photo, can't believe you've brought him up to disrespect the law

  2. says

    This is such a wonderful selection of photos. I don't think I could choose a favourite! We've been trying to get outside every day. We've spent quite a bit of time in our garden and managed a couple of walks too.

  3. jenny paulin says

    i am not bored of my photo taking yet!!
    thanks for the mention and as much as its hard when the weather is rubbish, it does do us all good to grab some outdoors time and fresh air. 🙂
    i love your photos – they are so lovely (lol just my little joke) because you can see so many different sides to the Boy's character.
    my fav is def the Gruffalo outfit (I showed Burton) although i also like his smile in the 'space hat' and him peering down all those steps.

  4. says

    Isn't your young man growing up before your (and our) eyes? Another special set of pictures. I think my fav is the top one. That looks like a cracker of a park and there's such a look of concentration and determination

  5. says

    I love that you are pledging to get out for at least 15 minutes a day. Some days that is quite hard but, with the exception of my Princess), the kids are pretty hardy and don't notice the cold. As for me, I just layer up! Lovely photos as always, but love the cycling one!

  6. says

    The gruffalo photo is very cute! I love the first photograph too with the tree stumps. Well done on the 15 mins outside every day. We've been out much more this week but I agree it can be hard at times.

  7. says

    Oh we need cycling space like that! I think H follows lines really well – I want to find a running track that will let 3 year olds cycle on it, as I reckon it'd be really popular! I don't think there's anywhere here though.

    That top picture is excellent too – like a wooden stonehenge!!

  8. says

    Ha! My youngest is doing the Gruffalo this term and she has a costume for tomorrow.Only hers was home made from a charity shop.I love the photo of him on the steps.I might try that with my 3.

  9. says

    Brilliant set of photos this week. I love the Gruffalo photo, The Boy looks so cute.
    The top photo is fantastic, it looks like a great place to visit.
    I love the photo of The Boy on the stairs too.

  10. Susanne@babyhuddle says

    I LOVE the hat (going to put that activity in Luka's busy box next week) but I have to say that my favourite picture is the sleeping one. I love how peaceful he looks. I could watch mine sleep all night and this week I have done lots of that.

  11. says

    I'm a sucker for photos of little ones sleeping, but I also love the one of The Boy on the steps. I'm not good on the technical terms but I thinks it's the way you've taken it from below. It's very effective.

  12. Bare Beginnings says

    fabulous photos, for some reason I think this is my fave week of your photos so far, loving the hat! You really are so outdoorsy, it all looks like great fun!


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