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Last Sunday graced us with a beautiful blue sky and, what seemed as first, warming sunlight. It was enough to spur us on to go and feed the ducks and swans down in our local country park. We took our gargantuam bag of bread bits (I'd missed out on a bread and butter pudding by a day) and enjoyed feeding the mass of swans and their young.

feeding the ducks

The swans are so confident that they would have taken the bread out of our hands if we'd tried. As it was they were perfectly happy to snaffle them from the boardwalk.


The boardwalk meanders around to a lovely wooded area before exploring the other lakes. This was where we managed to explore other wildlife that was busy scavenging for food in the depths of Winter. We'll need to add nuts to the food list next time!

feeding the squirrels

After we'd defrosted in the car, we headed to Parc Play in the centre of Cardiff. It's difficult to explain the place, but it's an all-weather play centre; a warehouse with an fully covered section, a middle part which is open on one side and an out door sand pit. It was absolutely freezing there and I spent most of the time hiding under the heater-light-thingies. The Boy spent most of the hour there on the zipwire.

parc play

I'm desperately hoping for snow this weekend so that we can get out and join the rest of the country in failing to make a decent snowman!


country kids


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  1. says

    Lovely photos, just as well you waited till Sunday, as I remember it puddled down on Saturday! If the forecast is to be believed it will be that snow man for next week! Thanks for joining in. I'm with Lauren, love the snap on the boardwalk.

  2. says

    Your photos are always so gorgeous! The park we go to for our forest school activities is very similar wiht a board walk etc. but I am so impressed with Parc Play, what an amazing resource to have so near to hand. Thanks again for linking up, Kierna

  3. Jennypaulin says

    What beautiful photos and you captured a squirrel too! How lovely to be able to walk across that boardwalk to see the signs of nature! The boy is having a LOT of fun at the parc! Go the boy x

  4. says

    I just love the photo showing the Boy concentrating on the squirrels in front of him with a little squirrel creeping up…. and am resisting the urge to shout "Behind you!!"

  5. says

    Fab photos! feeding the ducks is a favourite activity here at the moment. We also get very friendly squirrels but my wee man can sometimes be a bit mean to them by shouting and chasing after them…oops.

  6. says

    such a beautiful place, when we were on the canals in the summer there were sooo many very friendly swans that came right up to us and ate out of our hands, they really aren't that scary once you are used to them x

  7. says

    Great photos. I've never been to Parc Play but I think I'll take the boys next time we get a chance. The'd love it there. I can't believe how friendly those swans are, unlike the ones in Roath Park (they frighten me!)

  8. says

    Those squirrels look as cheeky as the ones in our park. A bit too friendly for my liking especially when they ran up a woman's leg! Love your collages (popping over from Country Kids)

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